December 13, 2011

Tatva - the basic element

Yet another droning blog on health & wellness? Another set of sponsored suggestions and passive marketing? Well yes - a blog on Health & Wellness for sure - but hopefully, with a twist! And No - We are not going to recommend complex compounds or weird postures to you, promising good health. Nor are we going to scare you with complicated names of medicines that permeate within your stomach, and literally, re-engineer your system. And hopefully, we won't even recommend food for which you would have to close your nose and gulp down, for the sake of looking slimmer and prettier!
We believe in simple, practical solutions - even though all this might be relevant for you, we would rather stick to simplicity as our core strength, but, of course, avoiding the line of oversimplification.
So, breakdown your complex systems - and lets enjoy some basics. Welcome to Tatva - the basic elements that make you - YOU! Happy Reading!

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