February 10, 2014

Avoid White Starch or refined/processed wheat – Weight Loss

          Wheat has a specific protein called gliadin. When this protein is digested in the intestines, it releases exorphin, an opioid peptide. These peptides then bond with opiate receptors in the brain creating an addiction to wheat. It is an appetite stimulant and increases the amount of wheat you eat. Wheat also has a highly digestible carbohydrate unique to wheat in the form of amylopectin A. This carbohydrate increases the blood. The increase in blood sugar due to wheat causes the pancreas to release additional insulin; this insulin pushes the sugar into the cells, thus increasing abdominal fat dramatically. After 90 to 120 minutes, the glucose/insulin levels drop quickly and create immediate hunger.

          This yo-yo effect on glucose/insulin levels also creates an issue with glycation (combining of a protein and a sugar molecule without an enzyme). These glycated proteins travel through muscle tissues and joints and lodge themselves in hard to reach places; they begin to wreak havoc on the body. They are the beginning of AGE or advanced glycation end products, which are implicated in age related chronic diseases.
            Wheat also contains indigestible lectins which are wheat proteins that have the ability to "unlock" normal intestinal barriers and allow foreign food particles to enter the body.                


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