February 07, 2014

Goiter,Hashimoto's Thyroiditis,Cysts,Tumors and Thyroid Conditions

Goiter:Goiter is an older medical term that simply means an enlarged or hypertrophied thyroid gland.  This used to be common in certain parts of America and elsewhere in the world, usually due to iodine deficiency in the diet.  Today it is relatively rare, but may occur due to a problem with the absorption or utilization of iodine, and rarely for other reasons such as an infection in the thyroid gland.  I do not see the condition very often.  However, it usually responds well to nutritional balancing science.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is another common thyroid condition.  We find that it is an opportunistic infection in the thyroid that causes reduced thyroid hormone secretion.  It almost always clears up easily when one follows a nutritional balancing program.  I do not recommend hormone replacement therapy for this simple disorder, and hormone replacement will slow one’s progress, in all cases.
Medical science calls thyroiditis  an auto-immune disorder because thyroid antibodies show up in the blood.  However, it does not seem to matter what the disease is called.  It still clears up quite easily with a properly designed nutritional balancing program.  This requires working ONLY with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  Click here to view the practitioner referral page.
Other rarer conditions. Other thyroid conditions are less common.  They include various types of cysts, nodules, infections and tumors. 
Thyroid cysts and nodules may be cancerous and should be checked.

Non-cancerous lesions often respond well to a nutritional balancing program.  Cancerous lesions will usually respond well to a natural cancer therapy, and surgical removal of the thyroid should not be needed.  For more on natural cancer alternatives, read Introduction To Cancer on this website.

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