February 07, 2014

Heel Fissures

The most common causes for cracked heels include overweight, nutritional deficiencies, lack of moisture, thick skin, abnormal or unhygienic lifestyle etc.

It is usually seen to persist even after treatment as the causes remain unchanged. If we can clear the cracks and maintain a change in the causes, surely it doe not return. Many tips are available on the web for this. But, which gives the best result? Follow them regularly.

  • Never walk around bare feet.
  • Soak feet for around 10-15 mins in warm soapy water every night. Then scrub it gently with a foot brush.
  • Once in a week, instead of soap water use lemon juice for soaking.
  • After cleaning up, pat them dry and apply Olive Oil over whole of the feet.
  • Wear a pair of cotton or woolen socks overnight, to keep them warm and moist.
  • Make sure you apply Olive Oil and wear socks, after shower, in the day time too.
  • Never wear nylon socks.
  • Use daily supplements of Zinc and Omega-3- Fatty acids.

If you follow this regimen, you can see marked change in 2 weeks time. And following it at least 4 times weekly, after healing of the cracks, makes sure that they do not return.

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