March 04, 2014

Don't wait another year — or another day! Keep that promise you've made to yourself! Discover the healthy diet plan that delivers results you will see & feel !!!!!

       You know you should "eat better." Less fast food. More fruits and vegetables. Cut the sugar and salt. Add lean protein. You've heard it before, and maybe even tried it before. It sounds so simple. Why is it so hard to do? And, more important, is there some way to make it work?
There is!.
     One common mistake we make is Make resolutions. We try to change a host of ingrained habits all at once and overnight. That's not only impractical, it's nearly impossible! Using a gradual approach that builds upon successive week-by-week achievements to transform your eating habits with less sacrifice and fewer setbacks proves to be a smarter way for weight loss. 

    Make a few small changes each week until at the end of 1st month you are effortlessly choosing more wholesome foods and a healthier eating pattern you will continue to enjoy has become a habit. When it comes to healthful foods, today there's a lot more to choose from than broccoli and bulgur. Look and analyze smart shopping ideas for vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, poultry, snacks, spices, grains and more. 

      Actually, you are what you digest and assimilate, and you become diseased by the foods that your body does not digest. People are plagued with many illnesses, primarily due to unhealthy dietary choices. Even those who have an interest in eating well are overwhelmed by the myriad of temporary popular views; these must be juggled with eating habits deeply ingrained in us from childhood. The dietary changes may feel like sacrifices in the beginning, but your optimum health and longevity is worth it. In understanding why diet is such a factor in optimum health, we can stay inspired to make these lifelong changes and reap the many benefits, at all levels.

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