February 20, 2015

Fighting Cancer - If Yuvi Can, You we can!

In a country where cricket is considered a religion, Yuvraj Singh was worshiped in almost every household throughout the country after he helped the team lift the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. Yuvi was adjudged the Man of the Tournament and had established himself as a national hero, having scripted a magical tale that would be told in India for generations to come. However, there was a twist in the tale for this stylish left-handed batsman when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 after the World Cup. Yuvi had a malignant tumor between his lungs and had been complaining of nausea, breathing problems and vomiting blood during India’s historic World Cup campaign. His doctors claimed that it was a rare case of seminoma and there were 95% chances that he’d be perfectly healthy after chemotherapy since it was stage 1.

After 3 long chemotherapy cycles, lots of video games and inspirational books to keep him distracted, and supervised physical activity, Yuvi made his comeback. Commentators and other sports pundits had written him off and said that his career was done, just the sort of challenge this Punjabi boy wouldn't let slip! He made his comeback with a superb 77 runs of 37 balls leading India to a comfortable win against Australia in a T20 in 2012.

Yuvraj’s chemotherapy and medication was done in Boston and Indianapolis and his condition was not lung cancer, which the media in the country was initially propagating. Lung cancer is quite common compared to seminoma and is the number one cause of deaths among cancer patients.

Speaking of lung cancer, one important fact that very few people know is that it is not just the smokers who are prone to this disease but also the innocent bystanders who breathe in all the smoke around them. Passive smoking is way more harmful, since you don’t blow any of that smoke out. So please stay away from the smoking zones, especially if you don’t smoke! Let's be honest - It’s no longer cool!

Awareness is the need of the hour in our nation, so if you feel that your voice has suddenly become hoarse, or you’ve been continuously coughing intensely, spitting or coughing blood, having breathing difficulties and short breaths or any such sudden, sustained problems,  please head to the doctor immediately.

Food for thought, Prevention is better than cure.

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