February 14, 2015

How to dine with the Valentine: Aphrodisiacs

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re going to shed light on a topic which is somewhat of a fan favorite among the masses, Aphrodisiacs.

Let’s ‘touch’ upon the topic and find out what foods fall under this category and clear a few myths while we’re at it. So the 14th of Feb is here, and everyone’s got plans (which include sitting alone at home like a loser in some cases, but don’t worry this applies for the years to come as well, which will be more fruitful hopefully!). What could be better than talking about a few foods to spice up the day for you -

  1. Let’s start with everyone’s favorite, Strawberries and Raspberries. They haven’t scientifically been proven to show any love enhancing properties, but they’re perfect for hand feeding your lover and make for great foreplay food. 
  2. Up next is Chocolate. Chocolate has been considered to be an aphrodisiac right from ancient times in the form of cocoa back in Latin America. Besides the sensual taste and sinful aroma, dark chocolate causes a rise in dopamine levels which induce feelings of pleasure. Melt a little and dip strawberries in them, you can thank us later. 
  3. Bananas are also considered an aphrodisiac because they have been proven to cause a spike in the testosterone levels of men upon consumption. They also represent the male strength in more than one way, symbolically speaking!
  4. Watermelon - for all you men out there this is what you want to be looking at. Rack up the fridge with watermelon, because this fruit has a Viagra like effect and has been shown to relax blood vessels and improve circulation. 
  5. Avocados are another one, considered an aphrodisiac for their shape more than anything, since they hang from trees in pairs and have been considered a symbol of male fertility since hundreds of years!
  6. And now comes the last but definitely not the least one, Oysters. These babies have been considered as one of the most mischievous aphrodisiacs and are great for love and fertility. They’re loaded with zinc which is why they got the reputation, since lack of zinc leads to infertility, something the girlfriends won’t be too pleased with! So it prevents infertility and is packed with amino acids that trigger sex hormones. 

If you notice, each of the fruits, by virtue of their shape and size, represent their benefits as well. So next time when you look at a fruit and feel guilty about being a pervert, think twice. You might actually be correct!

Hopefully this should help you with this week’s diet and the menu for Valentine’s Day. Make the day memorable and healthy, and don’t forget to pair it up with a bottle of wine, probably the best of the lot if you consume enough. Happy Valentine’s day folks!

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