February 26, 2015

The Magic Food, Coffee

We all love coffee, and no we’re not even going to go into that. It’s come to be somewhat of a universally accepted fact. Coffee is the most consumed drink across the globe and the second most sold commodity after oil! But what is it about this simple brownish liquid that makes it so awesome, compared to your normal beverages? Is it the fact that some of us can’t get out of bed without a strong cup of coffee to kick start the day, or the fact that without coffee and coffee shops half the couples would not really know what to do or where to go? Let’s first go back into history.

Coffee was not served as beverage in the beginning of its discovery, African tribes used to crush the ripe cherries from wild coffee trees, mix it with animal fat, and rolled them into round balls, called as "coffee balls" . These were served to the warriors to provide nourishment and stimulate warrior abilities. Just like Popeye who eats cans of spinach to become mighty and strong to battle with Pluto for the quest of Olives love !Coffee was also served as a wine that was made from fermented juice of the ripe cherries mixed with cold water. Only after 1000 A.D, the Arabs learned to boil coffee and that’s when it became a hot beverage as we know it now.

From coffee’s first discovery it became mystery for everyone, and thought to have magical properties and today it has become one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, containing more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables combined! Coffee to the human body is what Gangajal is to Indians. Drinking and smoking too much? Want pure blood? Coffee may be able to help you with that! Besides that, coffee has been scientifically proven to give you superpowers. We aren’t joking; coffee gives you an assortment of superpowers borrowed from Wolverine, Flash and Megamind! It has been proven to show regenerative properties in humans and prevents cancer cells from spreading; it makes you quicker, smarter and improves reflexes and alertness; and it improves mental abilities and increases blood flow to the brain. All this within limits though, don’t think you can gulp a liter of coffee and go rob a bank!

On a more serious note, coffee has shown to enhance physical performance as well. How often have you seen a hunk walk in to the gym sipping on black coffee? Well, it’s a logical thing to do since black coffee works as a great pre-workout drink. It improves physical performance by nearly 10% and has shown to increase metabolism by nearly 20-25%. Feel sorry looking into the mirror, feel fat? A cup of coffee might help. Coffee also increases adrenaline in the body, which burns down the dreaded fat cells making them available for fuel. So in simple words, you get energy and get to lose the fat. Not bad eh?

New Yorkers consume about 7 times the amount of coffee consumed by other states in the U.S.A. No wonder it’s called the city that never sleeps! India isn’t too far behind either and the trend seems to be shifting from tea toward coffee. On a completely unrelated note, coffee was first discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd who found that his goats started dancing when they ate the super coffee berries.

So basically, coffee is good for your liver, good for your brain, bad for your fat, and for tea sellers, so drink coffee.

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