March 28, 2015

Depression: The Soul Parasite

Life is 10 percent what you experience and 90 percent how you respond to it ! 

Fun fact, there are twice as many women out there suffering from depression compared to men. Not so fun is it? With increase in stress and depression level in Indian women, there is an increase in suicide cases. This is something to worry about. Well we’re going to tell you why that’s the case and how to lift your mood and yourselves out of depression! 

Have you noticed a peaceful woman ever? If you have, you’re lucky to have caught such a rare sight. Women are naturally more sensitive and emotionally active than men, they think more about issues and keep calm rather than losing their tempers like most men. That’s why 99% of the times, they are under some sort of stress or the other and it could be as small as misplacing a hair pin or as big as a divorce. They’re naturally sensitive beings and that’s what makes them so beautiful. 

Want a demonstration? Just go to your mother’s or wife’s room and observe her for ten minutes – Pure beauty. So it is this sensitivity and emotional behavior, coupled with the constant pressures from society that are thrown onto women, such as taking care of the entire house and cooking and working too, that are naturally going to cause tons of stress related issues.
Not to mention the sexist remarks that the cowards of society shoot at the women, making life that much harder. To top it all, hormonally, they have more activity within the body which cause ups and downs in the mood, especially during pregnancy, menopause, and menstruation.

If you think stress and depression is only for common people, then have a look at the interview of Ms. Deepika Padukone. She confessed to be a victim of stress and depression. Her battle against her inner demons is really remarkable. She chose to be strong and fight back. Not everyone is that strong, heard of Jiah Khan? Pretty lady who made her name in Bollywood merely gave up and succumbed to depression. The list is long, but what we need here is to sit back and realize the depth of this problem.  
From occasional sights it has now become part of women’s daily life. The low’s in the mood are usually taken care of by a good old bowl of mac 'n' cheese or a tub of chocolate ice cream, or even overdosing on fried rice and regretting it later.
But these cures are as temporary as it gets.They lift the mood immediately after consumption thanks to the spike in blood sugar levels, but this is very short lived and the crash in the sugar levels leads to an even worse mood (the guilt of eating all this junk doesn't help their mood either). 

Women should have magnesium rich food which has been proven to lift the mood since it produces serotonin, a natural hormone that helps with the bad mood. 

Try almonds, peanuts, spinach, oats and other foods rich in magnesium. Another food to have in the arsenal would be sweet potato and other foods made of complex carbohydrates that give a slow steady supply of sugar to the blood and not sudden spikes. 

Remember ladies, not all carbohydrates and fats are bad, your body needs them! Try a cup of skim milk of you want. Lastly, you need to include foods rich in Omega -3.Foods like Chia seeds, salmon, trout and tuna that are rich in this nutrient have been proven to reduce depression, especially during pregnancy.
Eat well, have a balanced diet with enough carbohydrates, fats and protein so that you have the fuel the body needs to function well, and you’re sorted. Don’t forget to gulp a lot of water. 

Apart from healthy diet, follow these simple tips to keep yourself far far away from depression : 
  • If you feel the mood swings have persisted for than 2-3 weeks, time to talk to some one. 
  • Keep yourself at peace at all times. Peace is your secret weapon against stress & depression. 
  • Self realize the problems and work hard on it. Life is too beautiful to give up to this problem. 
  • Seeing a psychiatric doesn't mean you are crazy and weak, it means you have diagnosed your problem and now all you need is a treatment. 
Stay Happy Ladies, You are Beautiful!!

March 25, 2015

Why Indians Have An Edge Over Aussies

In the second nerve wrecking semi-final of the ICC World Cup 2015, unbeatable India will take over Aussies at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). Australia may look like robust unit, defending world champions are all charged up to book a place in finals against New Zealand.

Regardless of conditions, skill and advantage of home background, Kangaroos will be under pressure to perform. When it comes to pressure times, who else can handle better than Captain Cool, M S Dhoni, he surely knows how to win World Cups and this approach has brought Dhoni and his boys quite a long way.

If cricket is our religion then food is the reigning deity. On going World Cup is like a big festival and has become every Indians obsession. We are truly united by Food and Cricket, then what about our cricketers? It made us think how Dhoni and his company is preparing to refresh the memories of 2011 ICC World Cup quarter finals. To face Aussies in high voltage match, our cricketers need powerful diet and very strong mind.

There has been a lot of talk among cricket fans about the sort of diet the cricketers go for in order to go about their duties in the best possible way. Let’s take a look at the diet Indian cricketers follow to keep the winning streak alive :
  • Breakfast usually includes boiled eggs, milk, cereals, porridge, fruits , assorted nuts along with fresh fruit juices.
  • Lunch is of lamb chops, fish- tuna & pink salmon, chicken, lentils, chappatis, yoghurt, pasta, brown rice.
  • Dinner is usually light as planned by the dietitians; chicken, chappatis, fish, salads, lentils and lamb. 
  • In between Training Sessions, our cricketers heavily rely on Evian mineral water, energy drinks, protein shakes to keep them hydrated and charged up.
Did you know like any of us our cricketers too have guilty pleasure, only difference is we can have it anytime without worrying much about the consequences. Dietitians put cricketers on strict diet plan so there is no scope to gorge on the favorite food.
Here are the guilty pleasures of some of our favorite cricketers :
  • Virat Kohli - Just like his looks Virat loves chocolate brownie. 
  • Rohit Sharma - Being a true north Indian, he swears by Aloo Parathas. 
  • M S Dhoni- If you think Captain cool doesn't have any weakness apart from Mrs. Dhoni, think again ! Butter chicken can make him go on his knees, can have anytime anyday. 
Psychology plays a very crucial role in high pressure matches. While Aussies are testing our cricketers with mind games, Dhoni chooses not to fall for sledging trap and let his boys speak through actions in the ground.
Some psychological advancement we have over Oz’s :
  • Our bowlers who were under estimated by the whole world are on fire.
  • Confident openers who are riding high on good form. 
  • Although match is on an Australian ground,Indians will be ruling the whole stadium with blue color. Bleed Blue
  • Virat Kohli has some unfinished business with Kangaroos. So big knock can be expected from him.
  • Indian squad is fully fit from body and mind. Unbeatable track record in this world cup says a lot !
  • Spinners will be Dhoni’s Triumph card, Aussies don't have a good track record of playing against spinners. 
Tomorrow’s match is no less than the World Cup final. May our cricketers get peaceful sleep. We wish our Indian cricket team all the luck they need.

Stay Calm Stay Cool ! Bring the Cup Back !!

March 23, 2015

Your Face Says it All

" The face is the mirror of the mind, and without speaking confess the secrets of your   body"

No time for a health checkup eh? Too busy and caught up with work and sleeping and eating to visit the doctor? No worries, this one’s for all you lazy people. Just turn to the mirror and you will know it all. 

Your face tells you a lot more than you can even think of. Your face is your barometer, and through a little bit of knowledge (and a mirror) you can do your own quick health checkup, without waiting in queue!

Let’s start off with the Skin. Yellow skin means you’re either facing the side effects of some hardcore blood pressure medication, or your liver is damaged pretty badly.  

Brown patches, which occur more in women than men are the consequence of UV damage from the sun, or because of babies! (Pregnancy or taking the pill).

Deep lines in your face are crying out to you that you've got osteoporosis. For all you chubby bubs, blue and purple are not the colour you’re looking for when we say cheeks. 

If you have bluish purple cheeks, it means that your blood has less oxygen and you’re in line for some lung or heart issues. Visit the doctor right now!

If you have pimples on your forehead, it means that you probably have stomach congestion and liver problems. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins guys.

Acne on your chiseled jawlines (hidden under a double chin sometimes) is simply because you’ve been overdosing on dairy products and refined sugar such as soda and other junk. 

Yellow teeth? Maybe you should cut down on those extra cups of tea and coffee guys. Speaking of teeth, thinner teeth are a sign of acid re-flux. That stomach juice is worse than cola and takes one third the time to dissolve your teeth, literally! 

To finish it off, if you have brittle dull hair, it probably means you’re lacking in protein. Add healthy fatty acids and iron to your diet and you should get your shining locks back in no time. 

Dry lips are a sign of internal dehydration and low iron intake. It can also mean Vitamin B deficiency. So hydrate yourself well and smack on some lip balm, but also add the necessary foods to your diet. Spinach is a winner here. 

Feel itchiness in your ears, well they are a sign on allergy or low tolerance.

 A few small tweaks in your diet can help you overcome majority of the issues your health may tell you about, but for the more serious ones we advise you to visit your doctor at the earliest. You’ll be healthier and happier soon enough, not to mention with a prettier looking face. 

 That’s a deal we’re sure you wouldn't want to miss!!

March 22, 2015

Mindful Eating

"In order to change your body, first change your mind "

Eating is a natural phenomena of every living being on this earth to satisfy hunger. Today’s food abundant, diet obsessed world has changed the whole meaning of eating. Now eating is more like mindless, consuming and guild inducing habit.
When you are mindful you are fully present, you live in the moment without judgment. The same is applicable on your eating habits, eating your food with intention & attention is what is called as Mindful Eating.

Mindful eating is not like going on a diet. There is no set menus or recipes. Its all about being aware of your eating habits, having emotional connect with the food & experiencing the sensations when you eat. It is more about how you eat rather than what you eat, when you eat.

Mindfulness helps you realize the volume of the body so you can hear loud & clear when you are hungry & full. It helps you break free your daily routine and lets you enjoy the food, flavor, aroma & taste. Many of us struggle to connect with food because we pay too much attention to idiot box or laptops or smart phones. Ask yourself when was the last time you had a meal peacefully? Answer lies within!

 We can give you many examples of mindless eating :
  • You keep on eating even though you are full. 
  • You skip meals because of work, ignoring the hunger signals
  •  Everyday you eat food in front of TV 
  • You just eat and don't let taste buds savor the food 
  • You binge eat because of stress, boredom or just like that 
  • You munch on snacks just to give company to friends.
By now your mind & body must have given the answers you are looking for. You want to bring the change in your habits. Well its not that difficult! Whenever you notice that you feel like eating, just ask yourself “Am I Hungry”? You will notice how thoughts occur in mind and how you respond to this question. Rather than eating mindlessly aim for eating with responsibility. This mindful eating will unfold many mysteries behind your eating habits and discover options that works better for you.

Now lets talk about the benefits behind mindful eating :
  • Reduced over eating 
  • Improvement in digestion
  • Relish Food 
  • Better judgment of flavor, aroma & taste 
  • Feel more satisfied 
Its time to change the way you interact with food, want to master the art? Here are the simple & useful tips :
  • Small Bites 
  • No Multitasking during meal times. 
  • Focus & Chew 
  • Let your mind first enjoy the appearance of food 
  • Choose quality over quantity 
  • Prepare your own meal with fresh ingredient to enjoy it fully later. 

You don't need super human powers to mindful eating, all it requires is a simple commitment to respect, appreciate and most important enjoy the food everyday. Whether its a brownie or a bowl of salad, just focus on mindful eating. You will know the difference !

And while the focus is more on how you eat, not what you eat, your notions of what you want to eat will shift for the betterment too.

March 21, 2015

Teen Rage - A Folded Page

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured - Mark Twain

A dent in the cupboard, a crack in the wall, a hole in the showcase, all tells you the same story. It’s not just about a few families anymore, but this is the scene in most of the houses today.

Teenagers today exhibit extremely moody behavior which is completely beyond their parents’ understanding. These random bouts of anger and perpetual rage and irritation on their faces don’t mean that these kids are going mad, it tells you a story. Its more than just hormonal mood swings, its symbolic of what’s cooking in their minds.

Teens are spanning between childhood and adulthood and are pressured with a number of issues, which may not seem much when you just glance at it, but could be a lot more serious were you to give it a deeper thought.

As these kids come face to face with poverty, debt issues, loss of a job, pressures of getting into a good college, alcohol addiction and exposure to drugs thanks to that one best friend that you never wanted them to have, they can’t help but react with unwarranted, persistent anger attacks.

 It’s a psychological crisis inside their heads, so don’t get so surprised when they get angry for the smallest things. The problem lies in their inability to cope with their emotions and express themselves. 

Most of us cope with their kid’s ‘issues’ by ignoring them and moving on, hoping that it’ll go away. But that’s the worst thing you could possibly do. In most cases, all that these kids need is someone to talk to, a friend. And who better to hear them out than their parents, but for that you need to understand their plight.

Imagine an 18 year old guy, towering over his mother, broad and confident, but not able to access a bank account or drive himself to places. Frustrating right? It is when you think from the kid’s perspective.

The best way these kids can cope with their stress and their violent spurts of anger (which will stay this way right from 13-18) is by picking up a hobby and keeping them occupied. Encourage them to join a gym, or music class or whatever it is that interests them. 

You’ll be surprised how much happier he/she will be. Sit them down and talk to them when they get angry, keep your cool and talk through the anger and you may just identify the real issue. Visit a shrink if you don’t think you’re up to it, but let his emotions out. 

Manage yours and your child’s stress daily and talk to each other and you’d be pleasantly surprised at the positive outlook you gain towards life.

Anger is only one letter short of DANGER !!

March 19, 2015

Three Important Things Diet Don't Teach You!

Our readers, specially Women must be very much familiar with the Calorie word. Every other woman is obsessed with calorie intake and now a days men are not behind in this race. Counting calories under breath at every mean to stay slim is a common sight these days. 

While this kind of approach does help to keep weight off, but have you every wondered it might make your relationship with food, body and your inner self dysfunctional. In the quest to get the so called Perfect Body, you might not realize the damage now. After reading this post, you might shift from counting calories to heal your relationship with food. 

 Everyday on internet you will find new ways to loose weight, diet charts, tips & tricks. All these are good but they don’t teach you three key things. These three teachings play an important role in building a peaceful relationship with food, body and your inner self. With this post we really hope you will find your peace and start working towards staying happy & healthy.

Honor Your Hunger:
One of the most difficult part of being on diet is we don't listen to our body. At times you will be confused what hungry felt like and sometimes what full or satisfied felt like. When you aren't fully able to listen to your body, even dieting wouldn't help you. Diets cant tell what suits you best, only you can. 

You must have come across people who eat when hungry and when they are full they stop. Their mind is not under the pressure of calorie intake or weight. They just enjoy food, and you would wonder why are you Fat and they are not. Even after dieting so much. The key is Honor your hunger, practice Intuitive eating. It’s a difficult process to learn how to listen to your body but its not impossible. Patience is the key! 

Value Your Body & It’s Efforts:
Most of us are envy of other person’s body, hair, skin, hands ,arms; the list is endless. The moment we come across slightly better looking person the J eye monster wakes up in our mind. Finding and keeping love starts with in yourself including your body. Think back on your inner dialogue today, if you have a crummy relationship with your body. Well Guess what ? Your self esteem has been listening to your bashing towards your body and internalizing every perceived inadequacy.

It’s high time to start treating our bodies with love and respect. Because this criticism not only affects your self esteem, but also your whole sens of well being. You will never be satisfied with yourself no matter what you do to look slim or get those perfect abs. Let us help you, it’s very simple. Stand in front of mirror and say good things to your body. Be thankful to it for keeping you in health state. See!! Isn’t it easy? This would look funny in the beginning but in long run it would do wonders for your self esteem and of course your body. 

Beauty With In Doesn't Count :
Do I look perfect today?How are my clothes? How are my shoes? Do you pay attention to all this every morning before leaving home? Well, if you think by wearing that perfect dress or make up or costly shoes will make you look good, then welcome to the world of people who are overwhelmed with need to look beautiful; on the outside that is. 
You remember how our grandparents or parents used to say “It doesn't matter whats on the outside its what on the inside that counts. Wouldn't that be a great saying to remember always? ” 

We agree personality matters a lot. With so much of marketing of beauty products, clothes, shoes for women & men in fact kids now a days, you cant help but notice and buy it off. We are not against all this, our emphasis is on inner strength. If you are going on diet,or aggressive exercise; sweat because you want your inner strength to match up with the outside beauty. Not because your major concern is only to look good to the world. 

Practicing self-kindness and acceptance is what gonna make all of us a happy human being. Find your peace now and in doing so you'll get healthier not just in your body, but in mind, soul & spirit.

March 18, 2015

Never Feel Tired Again !!

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like going back to bed even after eight to ten hours of sleep? Do you feel tired and achy in morning? Do you feel grumpy after waking up? All this sounds familiar? And wonder why this happens too often ? 

Anyone could be a victim of Morning Sluggishness.If you are, then this post may just be an "eye-opener" for you. Waking up in this state isn't a normal thing, unless you have a baby that cries itself to sleep every night, robbing you of your own sleep! 
It turns out, when you can’t sleep you know it but this problem does sabotage your sleep in more subtle ways. Hence, doesn't matter if you have slept for 6 or 8 hours, you are not going to feel fresh & full of energy in the morning. 

 Here are few signs that’s secretly taking away your rest period : 

You sleep poorly and wake up with “Morning Mouth” : Acid re-flux keeps body partially awake when you are asleep. Heartburn symptoms may not always appear. This “silent re-flux” can be avoided by having meal two hours before sleep and by keeping yourself away from acid-causing foods in dinner. 

You are Stressed : Lets accept, stress has become daily part of our life. We all know how badly stress can affect our happy and normally functioning system. Try activities which diverts your mind and gives you peace. 

Frequent visits to bathroom in night : Waking up in the middle of night to use bathroom is technically called as Nocturia. Normally, body’s natural process holds up urine without waking us up for 6 to 8 hours. Try and avoid too much liquid just before going to bed. Specially alcohol, coffee & tea as they are diuretic. Make sure to empty your bladder before hitting bed or else be ready for disruptions in sound sleep. 

Teeth Grinding : Burxism is what teeth grinding is officially known as. You may not even be aware of this habit until some one brings in to your notice. It is a subconscious neuromuscular activity. Jaw grinding results in waking up with pain or stiffness in neck. Visit your dentist as soon as possible once you discover this problem. 

Sleep Apnea : In our earlier posts we had discussed about this condition and it’s remedies. Because of sleep apnea you sleep fitfully, feel exhausted all the time and wake up with sore throat or neck pain. See a doctor soon, Sleep Apnea can’t be taken lightly. You can overcome your snoring problem by using Snooze 

Circadian Rythm Problem : You get full sleep but feel groggy all the time. This clearly indicates your body is out of sync with day and night. Staying up late or sleeping under bright lights, night shifts , Irregular sleep patterns, using laptops and smart phones all results in disruption in your body’s natural wake up cycle. Well we don’t need to tell you what to do about this problem. Our readers are smart enough to find the solution. 

You lack in Vitamin C or Magnesium or Both : Daily does of Vitamin C is really important and low magnesium level is one of the most overlooked deficiency. Get yourself check for these two important vitamin & mineral. If low, then take food rich in Vitamin C & magnesium along with supplements. 

Low blood Sugar : Contrary to popular belief, the reason you wake up feeling like shit is not because you didn't sleep enough last night, but because your blood sugar is going low while you sleep happily. The solution to your huge problem lies in the kitchen. Try couple of spoons of almond or peanut butter, or sweet potatoes or a small whole wheat sandwich.Any one of these should do the trick for you.

Apart from this, you know the basics of waking up fresh. You need to sleep early, and do some physical exercise so that you’re tired enough to get good sleep. Counting sheep does not work! Wake up fresh in the morning and you should have a smashing day. 

You can Beat Morning Blues !! All the Best. 

March 17, 2015

Computer Vision Syndrome

Remember those times when mommy always told you to not to sit too close to the T.V or you’d go blind? 
That threat seems to have gone flying out the window now that we all are grown up. Working all day at their desks, staring at screens from distances that moms definitely wouldn't approve of! 

The modern lifestyle, where computer screens, tablets and cell phones get more attention than even your spouses, has made something known as the ‘ Computer Vision Syndrome’ quite popular. As complicated and cool as this sounds, it simply means itchiness and irritation caused to the eyes by staring at these digital screens for super long period of times. 

Most people that suffer from this have jobs that involve a lot of computer work, but there’s still certain steps they can take to save their eyes or their moms may just have the last laugh! 

The common symptoms of this are dry itchy eyes, neck pain, headache and blurred eyes. This stuff mainly happens because you’re either sticking your face in the screen or sitting too close to the computer, or your seating posture is all messed up. 

The reasons you probably don’t know about are that the light quality of the screen makes it as good as staring at a light bulb for those 8-10 hours.

Another thing is that when you’re trying to focus on the screen you end up blinking barely one third of how much you actually should be blinking. So dry eyes are no surprise!

Now you can’t completely cut off from the computer, but here are some things you can do -
  •  Keep Blinking, it washes your eyes with naturally cleansing tears. 
  •  Love 20-20 cricket? Remember the 20-20-20 formula for your eyes. Every 20 minutes, spend  at least 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away, and you’re sorted. 
  •  Keep the screens at least 20 inches away and 4-5 inches below eye level. 
  •  Keep good lighting, and keep a desk lamp. 
  •  Avoid keeping a towering overhead lighting unless you want headaches and poor eyesight. 

And the most important, eat food rich in Vitamin A carrots, tuna fish, green leafy vegetables, dried apricots. Busy life might restrict you to get the daily dose of Vitamin A from food sources . 
So one can try wide range of Multivitamin available and add in daily diet ! 

Don’t let this modern age syndrome take over your eyes. Remember! Eyes are the only medium through you see this beautiful world.

March 16, 2015


Saving a few calories today can lead to permanent damage later!! 

Sounds weird doesn't it? Yet you’ll be surprised to know how common a problem it is in today’s world.
Drunkorexia is nothing but a slang that is used to describe the practice of eating less or skipping meals so that you can drink more and get drunk faster. Sounds familiar? We hope not!

It may not sound all that serious, but people starving themselves to get drunk faster and cheaper is definitely something that should not be taken lightly and could be possibly life threatening.

Studies have shown that its more prominent in girls, possibly because they care about their weight more than the opposite sex, and want to stay thin but not give up the partying lifestyle at the same time.

Ladies, you should know that it’s obviously going to have consequences. We all know that drinking empty stomach isn't a wise idea, but it doesn't stop there. Increases risks of violence, risky sexual behavior and alcohol poisoning, much more than just a horrible hangover isn't it?

18-25 are the most affected ages of girls that suffer from this so-called disorder and don’t even know how serious it could be.

Do you feel that you’re health and drinking habits are out of control?

That your wallet has enough money to pay for either drinks or food and you obviously sacrifice the latter?

Do you experience black outs or get into a fix because of drinking?

We think it’s time for you to take a moment and think about where you’re headed. Control the drinking and do it within limits, you wouldn't want to be wasting your most productive years at a rehab center.

Think for a moment people, the most interesting and fun people you meet are the ones who can have an insane and fun time, completely sober.

You don’t need alcohol to have fun, it’ll never be as real!

March 15, 2015

Did You Know Food Can Cause Cancer?

Cancer is Life Altering but not Defining !

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases today, having established itself as one after claiming millions of lives worldwide. When we think of cancer, we think sudden and inexplicable reasons, as well as the generally accepted norm in society that it’s simply a matter of chance and can happen anyone. But honestly, that’s not true. 

It’s like wearing red clothes and standing in front of a bull, he’s bound to attack. The case with cancer is pretty much the same. You may not know it but the foods that you consume every day to fuel your body may be carcinogenic and ultimately could lead to a situation you wouldn't want to be in.

Cancer is something that can happen quickly like lightning or over time like global warming. Either ways the result is catastrophic.
 Here are the top cancer causing foods you should look to avoid consuming or at least over consuming. 

The first one is Microwave popcorn, yes that’s correct. The favorite movie munchies for when you’re chilling at home actually cause immense damage to your dreams of a cancer free life. 
Right from its chemical lining, to the buttery popcorn inside, this has been the center of debates regarding lung cancer worldwide. It contains carcinogenic genetically modified foods and even the fumes released are toxic. 

Number two is grilled red meat. When red meat is grilled, it may make your mouth water, but it gets molecularily altered and releases carcinogenic agents, especially in the case of processed foods like hot dogs. 

Next up is refined sugar and white flour, which are almost nil in nutritional value and are genetically modified and cause major insulin spikes which feed cancer cells and help them grow. 

Salted and pickled foods contain nitrates and other chemicals to make them last longer and when you consume them, they stock up inside your body and cause serious damage. 

Another carcinogenic food is soda and carbonated drinks which have 0 health value and are chemically made and contain very high sugar content. 

These foods should be avoided and substituted as soon as possible. You can switch to honey or maple syrup instead of normal white sugar and natural juices instead of soda.

A deadly combination to stay healthy and fight off cancer causing cells and substances would be Green tea and Flaxseed oil , available on our website. These two have been shown to do a world of good to the body, help fight cancer, manage weight and regulate metabolism.
You can even try Weetabix , another champion food in the fight against cancer and helps prevent it. 

Like we've said a million times before, prevention is much better than cure. 

March 14, 2015

Sleep Apnea !!

Sleep Apnea is quite a strange condition and pretty irritating if you think of it. It basically means not required, repeated pauses in your breathing while you sleep at night.

Sleep Apnea is of two types, Central sleep apnea and Obstructive sleep apnea. The latter is more common, and though this may not sound like a big problem, it can really jeopardize your performance in daily activities such as driving or working and sometimes may even cause you to fall asleep. But that’s not all, heart failure, stroke, obesity, heart attack are more likely if you have sleep apnea and don’t do anything about it.

Central Sleep apnea is when the brain doesn’t do its job properly. The brain does not tell the muscles to breathe and so you don’t make any attempt to breathe at all and end up breathless. This is not the case in Obstructive Sleep apnea, where you can’t breathe at all. In this case, there’s no space in the throat for air to go down because of several factors, mainly weight. So medically besides dieting pills, not much can help you. 

The only and best option would be to join a gym, exercise daily and control your eating habits so that you can give your throat that much needed space. Start throwing your weight around (and out of your body!). Physical signs of possible victims include short or thick necks, fat people, large tonsils etc. 

Besides that, the symptoms would include waking up in the morning feeling tired with a headache, mood problems (besides PMS), waking up often in the middle of the night, Snoring and going to the bathroom often in the middle of the night. 

The best treatments to get sound sleep are :
  • Start with losing weight. You need to shed that excess fat, it’s not even giving you enough space to breathe! 
  • The next one sounds pretty bad too because you wouldn't want to but you need to reduce alcohol consumption drastically. 
  • You also need to check for acid re-flux and take the necessary treatment. 
  • Try products like Snooze  to stop Snoring.  
  • Another trick that can help would be to raise the head of the bed with a few pillows while sleeping. It’ll give you that angular advantage and increase airflow!
  • Lastly, you should stop smoking. You don’t need to be told why, not just sleep apnea but cancer is another consequence in the long run. We’re sure that’s not on your agenda.
Follow these tricks and you should get back your sound sleep in no time. Sleep tight!

March 13, 2015

Spearmint Tea A Day Keeps Acne Away

Whether its teens or adults, everybody has faced this problem and most continue to face it from time to time. This deadly demon has been commonly given the name Acne

It starts off with the slightest off irritation and moves on to a single pimple or blackhead, and that’s not enough. Before you know it, you've got red acne marks, pimples, irritation, whiteheads, blackheads, and what not on your face, neck, back and even arms. Sounds gross doesn't it? 

Yet most of us know what is being spoken off, quite well might I add. Acne is something that needs to be treated properly and sometimes even the most intense medical treatments may fail to fight it in the long term and have temporary effects. However tweak your lifestyle in a few ways to adapt a couple of natural remedies, and you may never have this problem again. 

One such tweak we’re going to tell you about is Spearmint tea  This magic tea works wonders when it comes to acne. Spearmint has been used in drinks, chewing gum, mouth washes, oils etc. for a while now, but mainly the tea is one of its most effective forms. It’s like the James bond of all teas, silently doing the job and annihilating Acne right from its roots. 

The first way in which it prevents Acne is hormonal. A large number of Acne cases are due to hormonal imbalance, but spearmint prevents the release of excess testosterone which causes acne and instead, causes the release of female hormones like estrogen which prevent acne. 
It works wonders for both men and women, for the latter especially during their menstrual cycles. 

The other superpower that Spearmint has is that it is one of the best antioxidants out there. So it prevents the oxidization of fat and subsequently doesn't let our skin and pores clog up.

It prevents the growth of Acne causing bacteria and save us and make us look more beautiful! Just one glass of spearmint tea every morning, and you’re good to go.
It tastes great too, so we’d suggest you to definitely make an addition to the grocery list this week!

We can confidently conclude now, Spearmint Tea A Day Keeps Acne Away!

March 12, 2015

Get Lean This Summer !!

Summer is nigh, and it’s time to cash in on all the hard work you've put in the winter months. All those long hours of work are about to pay off, with summer just around the corner.

 It’s time to cut down on the cheesecakes and ice cream now, and cut back the layer of fat that’s not giving you the sharp beach-body look. Right now, the most important component is your diet, not training.
Continue hitting the gym with the same zest, but change up your workouts a bit and include more High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which will help burn more calories. Diet is like the Chicken of the chicken sandwich and training is just the lettuce at this point.

A long term steady diet burns fewer calories because of the body’s tendency to resist the burning of excess calories. So our tip would be to change it up frequently, cycle the calories! Eat in deficit of 500-700 calories for about a week and then take a day off and consume the normal amount of calories. Do this for a month and watch the magic.
  • Cycling throws the body off balance and spikes up the metabolism like crazy, leading to huge amounts of fat loss.
  •  Another must do, is overdosing on water and stimulants like Green tea which will not only boost the metabolic rate, but also help in digestion and stuff. 
  • Knock yourself out with Fibre foods like cauliflower and other coloured vegetables that are super light in calories but high in fibre and extremely healthy. 
Maintain a diary. It’s really simple and barely takes a minute to write in, but does wonders when it comes to monitoring progress. Don’t even try cheating, since you’ll surely catch yourself red handed and you wouldn't want months of hard work to go waste thanks to a slice of chocolate cake!

The golden rule for the diet still remains to include protein and more protein in every meal. It’s the only way you’re going to build muscle and grow, as well as recover from the intense training regimes.

 Enjoy the summer, and go easy on the alcohol and junk food!

March 11, 2015

Mythbusters: Protien Facts and Myths debunked.

There’s a fine line between fact and fiction, and this is very clearly seen in the case of the term ‘protein’ and the myths that surround this essential nutrient that the body requires. 

In today’s world, people are more health conscious than ever. Just walk into a gym and find a 14 year old boy working out alongside a 60 year old man which just goes on to show the wide spectrum of people that are now fitness enthusiasts. 

While it’s a great thing to be health conscious and lead a healthy lifestyle, it is also necessary to understand that proteins are one of the many essential nutrients required by the body for growth. Without their buddies (carbohydrates, fats and multivitamins), proteins aren't going to give you your dream physique or pack on pounds and pounds of muscle. You need to understand that proteins are no magic food, and work only when eaten at the right time in the right amounts.

The most common myth is that more protein builds more muscle. Yes, this is true to some extent and muscle growth is not possible without adequate protein, but along with that you need to make sure that you’re having enough calories daily in the form of carbohydrates, fats and other essentials. 

So for all those of you who are overdosing on protein shakes and still not growing, it’s probably because you’re consuming lesser calories than required. For the hard core fitness freaks, up to 1.5 gram of protein per pound of body weight is beneficial. Beyond that, the excess protein is converted to carbohydrates or excreted by the body and goes down the drain, just like your money. Remember the chapter on ‘A Balanced Diet’ in school? Yes, that was the real deal.

Overdoing the protein could be quite a serious affair. Not many know that beyond a certain point, the excess protein takes a toll on the renal system. Above 35% of the diet if consisting of protein, has shown to cause problems with the functioning of the kidneys. So stay safe and don’t blindly follow what you hear at the gym. Pair up the protein with carbohydrates and fats so that you don’t concentrate on that one aspect and neglect the others. 

Another myth that prevails is that eating animal meat causes cancer. Please don’t buy into that since there hasn't been any research to support this theory. Protein has been shown to cause calcium losses, but it is also essential for the growth of our bones throughout our lifetime. These two facts may seem contradictory, but to get the best growth output all you have to do is consume adequate amounts of both protein and calcium in your diet, and you’re good to go! 

Another myth is that all proteins are absorbed immediately by the body. That depends on the type of protein consumed by us. The popular Whey protein most of you guys show off with is the one that is immediately absorbed by the body. However the protein found in eggs, called Casein protein is a slow digesting protein that takes 6-8 hours to get absorbed and is best had before you push off to bed. Keep an eye out for the Casein the next time you go shopping, it may just be what you’re missing! 

The world of health is a never ending journey with learning at every step. The more you learn about your body, the healthier you will be.
So start reading up, and who knows you may debunk a few more myths that you believed were set in stone!

March 10, 2015

Dark Circles : Mystery Resolved !

We all have that one friend who perpetually has dark circles under his eyes. In some cases, we are that one friend and in others we just get these dark patches from time to time. Now the generally accepted norm followed by society is that lack of sleep equals to dark circles, but that’s not always true.

It’s actually got more to do with your genes. Just like veins appear blue to us even though they are actually carrying red blood in them, the blood vessels under our eyes also appear bluish black to us. This is simply because our skin doesn’t like the other colors and only allows blue to be seen after reflecting off the blood vessels. It’s not because we have blue veins, surprising isn’t it?

Now another important thing to be seen is that the skin under the eyes is much thinner than that covering the rest of the body. Genetically, in some people the skin is so thin that the blood vessels from below the skin are visible thus giving them dark circles. There’s not much they can do about it except blame their ancestors.
However other cases of dark circles are when you fall ill, or have a nasty allergy or excess salt consumption. In these cases, there is excess fluid retention by the body which causes greater pressure on the skin and blood vessels and thus, more prominent dark circles.

This doesn’t mean that you can sleep at 3 every night and wake up with no consequences! Lack of sleep and tension have also shown to cause dark circles. This is because a tired body increases the production of cortisol which helps the body stay awake. This increases the amount of blood in the body and swelling of the blood vessels making them more prominent and causing dark circles.

But don’t worry, as usual we have some easy, effective remedies at hand :
  • The first one is to apply cool cucumber slices to relax those tired puffy eyes. Do this daily for effective results.
  • The next one is even more effective and quite uncommon. What you need to do is just soak a tea bag in water. Then, place it in a refrigerator for some time. After that, place these tea bags over your eyes. You folks can also use a Chamomile tea bag. Regular use will definitely remove the dark circles and give you back your glow.
  • Another one to use is the frozen spoon. You need to keep a spoon in the freezer for about 15 minutes. After that remove the spoon and press the back of the cold spoon on your eye and below it till it’s warm again.
  • Besides these you obviously can use Under eye cream containing Vitamin K.
We hope after reading this you aren’t in the ‘dark’ anymore about these blue-black patches!

March 09, 2015

Good Bye Dandruff !!

Dandruff, something nobody likes to be associated with and rightly so. The shedding of dead cells from the scalp is what we call dandruff, and although most of us don’t like to admit it quite a few of us suffer from this problem.

Dandruff is dangerous, there haven’t been any reported cases of death by dandruff but you probably don’t want to take that risk anyway! Don’t let dandruff stop you from wearing that favorite black tee or messing up your hair in public without spraying dandruff in all directions.

 It is caused by either extra dry or extra oily scalps, but most often due to dietary reasons. Yes, deficiencies in the diet can lead to dandruff. Zinc and Vitamin B6 are the key in this case, and in order to say good bye to dandruff for good, it is absolutely essential to include foods rich in these nutrients in your diet.

While there are other foods such as bananas, chickpeas and ginger that will ably help your cause, your two best friends should be sunflower seeds and wheat germ.

Sunflower seeds  are exceptional warriors against dandruff and are super rich in zinc and Vitamin B6 supplements. Not only do they prevent dandruff by deficiency but also dandruff caused by indigestion since they help in the smooth functioning of the digestive system. To top it up, they also boost the metabolism. They’re not too expensive either and are a must to have in the diet.

Wheat germ  is your second buddy if you have dandruff. It’ll be a problem of the past once you start your regular consumption of wheat germ. Not only is it rich in zinc and Vitamin B6, but also a storehouse of other B vitamins. Include it in almost anything, milkshakes, juices, meals absolutely anything.

Stack up these two in your homes and you won’t be facing any embarrassment caused by dandruff again. Stay clean, stay confident!

March 08, 2015

If Michael Clarke Can Then You Can Too!

Michael Clarke, one of the great player, is known for hitting the ball out of the stadium. But since the past few weeks he’s lost his spark sitting on the side-lines when his nation needs him in the attack. All this only because of an injury to his back! 

With the ongoing World Cup, it’s a race against time for Australia’s captain Michael Clarke to get back to full fitness in the hope of leading his side to glory. Although we may feel a little relieved as Indian fans that Clarke may not play well for Australia, you can’t help but feel sorry for the man who’s ranked among the best batsmen in the world and would definitely add another dimension to the World Cup. Let’s take a look ‘back’ and see what the problem really was. 

Michael Clarke actually suffers from a back injury worse than most other sportsmen, having decimated discs in his spine at two to three levels. It’s the kind of injury that makes you think twice before getting up from the sofa to head for the fridge, but then that’s why this guys at the top of the game. 

Clarke has had this issue since he was 18, and has suffered from degenerative changes since. He had a few injury scares in his younger days, but with the recent hamstring problems paired with his back issues there was serious doubt over his cricket career. He returned home from India to receive treatment and racing against time to make it to full fitness in time for the World Cup. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him come back stronger than ever this summer! 

With a lifestyle like Mike’s, which involves jumping, sprinting, diving and long hours of travel there is an immense amount of pressure on the spine. It’s similar to a coolie carrying about 10 suitcases on his head. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well that’s what the spine of most sportsmen need to put up with and is also why most of them end up at the physiotherapist’s clinic at some point or the other. 

Here are a few tips to prevent that dreaded back injury that can leave you struggling to get out of bed.: 

A) Strengthen your core – The stronger your core muscles, the lesser the chances of back injury and the more hard’core’ your lifestyle! At least that’s one of the reasons Michael is still playing. 

B) Start exercising – You already know this, but need to be told again so here we are! Please don’t be a couch potato and start exercising. Go for a jog or hit the gym for at least 30 minutes daily.

 C) Sleep right – if you have back pain already, you may want to sleep on your side rather than your back because that position is found to keep back muscles under constant tension. Sleeping sideways will give you that relief that expensive massages may not be able to! 

D) Shed the extra pounds – The fatter you are the more weight your spine needs to maintain and the more pressure it exerts. Stay lean and fit, to avoid back issues in the short and long term 

E) Lift right – Don’t be a hero guys, lift only that much weight that you comfortable can. If it’s heavy then google the right ways to lift the weight using your leg muscles and not the back. 

F) This one’s probably the most relevant and important. At your day jobs, please don’t slouch over the computer screens for hours together. Sit straight in an upright position or you’ll end up quitting the job in a few years because of that back pain which is only going to get worse. 

Don’t let Back pain take over your lifestyle, fight like Michael Clarke and be a Winner!

March 07, 2015

The Fire to Inspire : Wasim Akram

Think fighting illnesses is hard? Looking for a role model? Look no further than our next door neighbours Pakistan. Cricketing legend Wasim Akram, former captain of the Pakistan cricket team is quite a unique success story, a rarity in our part of the world. 

The King of Swing came face to face with Diabetes and was on the back foot, but through discipline, will power and determination he overcame it in style and went on to become the leading wicket-taker in World cricket. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes amidst a series against the West Indies at the age of 30, when he was at his peak. 
Wasim had lost nearly 8 kg’s of weight in two months, not because green tea or fat burners but because he was unaware that he was suffering from Type 1 diabetes! One of the major factors in Wasim’s case was the stress that he underwent owing to certain match fixing allegations that he was later cleared of. 

Stress can be a major cause of diabetes, so you might want to take your foot off the gas and sit back every now and then. Wasim was devastated. Remember that one friend we all have that tells us that we can’t do a certain thing? Well he had quite a few of them, who told him that he wouldn’t be able to play cricket again. He was on the verge of a breakdown and even visited a psychiatrist. But then he was no ordinary guy, Wasim came out guns blazing and tamed the demon that diabetes is. He kept it in check by carefully controlling his diet and exercise and continued to play, clearing any doubts that the world may have and went on to smash a few more records! 

Today, he is part of an elite panel of commentators and you’ve probably heard him over and over while watching India play. He continues to take insulin thrice a day and works out daily. Wasim Akram has kept his diabetes in check for the past 8 years and continues to play cricket at a domestic level, at home with the kids. He wishes to create awareness about the disease in the subcontinent and participates in various campaigns and drives. 

Wasim is also the brand ambassador for Accu Chek which is a diabetes care brand. Wasim Akram is a role model for many. Many a player have succeeded on the field but to be a true winner means achieving success both on as well as off the field and that is something that Wasim has shown to the world. He has shown that diabetes is controllable and one can lead a normal happy life, once you accept it as a part of life and take necessary actions. 

Control Diabetes, don’t let it control you!

March 06, 2015

The Truth Behind Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Labels seem like your main guide when you head out for grocery shopping, but even in this small black and white chart, marketers have managed to infuse their gimmicks and strategies to scam you into believing that the food that you’re buying is extremely healthy. But it may not be so, which is why it is time to learn the truth behind these nutrition labels once and for all. 

 How many times do you end up picking a whole grain muffin over a normal one, or even biscuits for that matter? Or how often do you pay a few bucks extra for stuff that reads, ‘0 Trans Fat’, ‘Fat free’, ‘Low in sugar’,’ High in Fiber’ etc. But how much of that stuff is actually worth it? The answer is pretty surprising. 

Fat free, means product contains 0.5 g or less fat per serving, so it’s technically not fat free. The serving size of a packet of cookies may be given as really small, for which the fat content may be shown as very low or insignificant. But you consume almost double or triple of that small serving size at once which makes the fat content much more then what you saw while purchasing. 
Another trick brands use is, that they claim to have healthy fat free products but spike up the sugar and sodium levels in the bargain. Not so healthy now is it? 

Low in Fat means product has 3g or less fat per serving. Almost all cereals, breads, pastas, grains are low in fat. When buying such products also make sure these products give you less sugar, sodium and more fiber. Because often low in fat food have more sugar. 

Another big claim is that the food contains 0 Trans-fat or Trans-fat free, means it has 0.2g of Trans-fat & 2g of Saturated and trans fat combined per serving. What you need to be careful about is that the food doesn’t contain saturated fat, partially hydrogenated oil or shortening which are direct substitutes and dangerous enough to cause cholesterol in the long run. These days a new claim is being advertised by food companies, 

Cholesterol-free, it means less than 2mg of cholesterol per serving. Companies only highlight what consumers want to see and easily dupe them. Cholesterol- free vegetable oil doesn’t have cholesterol in first place because cholesterol is found only in animal based food. If your product says cholesterol free, does it also mean its fat free? Not necessary! 

 If your food product says it’s a good or excellent source of certain Vitamin, don’t pick it up blindly, Have a look at the back , product should have at least 15% of that vitamin to be claimed as good source and 25% for an excellent source, According to RDI (Recommended Daily Intake). 

Made with real fruit is another claim that gets a lot of victims in grocery stores every day. Fruit juices for example that makes this claim, contain sugar as their primary ingredient in the form of sugar, fructose and fruit juice concentrate (which is the only real fruity ingredient in the juice) which make the juice nothing but candy! 

Sugar free food products means you are consuming 0.5g of sugar and just 5 calories per serving. Sugar free items are made with a sugar substitute keeping people with diabetes and weight watchers in mind. But not every brand can give you healthy & sugar free product. Make sure in bargain to get sugar free food you don’t end consuming more fat and sodium. 

Be a smart shopper, if label says No Sugar added, look at front and back of the product. Because usually products like honey, molasses, syrups, fruit juices do have natural sugar. So don’t just believe blindly. 

Product you just bought says low in sodium? Well it does contain 140mg or less sodium per serving. According to health experts, our daily requirement of sodium is 1500-2300 mg but we always consume more than this. Low sodium food might be high in fat, so check for sodium and fat before buying. Because buying low sodium food product which is high in fat doesn’t make any sense. 

Wait we aren’t done yet, the last claim is Fiber. Fiber rich foods are flooding the markets today and foods such as biscuits, breads, juices, drinks, and even ice creams claim to be ‘Fiber rich’. This Fiber is nothing but purified powder which is completely useless and doesn’t do much good to the body but helps these brands market their products much better and charge us a bomb. 

Organic foods are so much in demand these days. From chilies to lentils, everything has gone organic. Are they really an organic produce or a fake claim. Product should have 95% or more of organic content, so please beware! 

It’s high time we learnt that what we’re shown couldn’t be further from the truth. Read every nutritional label carefully and check serving sizes, fat content, sugar content and sodium content together before purchasing. Wake up, save your health and your wealth!

March 05, 2015

Vitamin ‘D’eficiency in women in Maharashtra

Lack of Vitamin D is not just about bones it could lead to much more serious problems if neglected for a long time. 

Vitamin D is something that most of us mix up with Calcium when it comes to food. Human body has the capability to make its own Vitamin D when exposed to proper sunlight. It is essential for your overall health, gives you strong bones, boosts your immunity and makes sure your muscles, brain, lungs and heart are working normally. 

 A B C D of Vitamin D- Fat soluble vitamin, easily dissolved in body fat. Major source is proper and timely exposure to sunlight. It helps your body absorb calcium. Liver and kidney performs the function of conversion of Vitamin D in body after the UV rays are absorbed by skin. 

How do you get this important Vitamin ? A common Myth is that if you stand under the sun, your Vitamin D supply is sorted. Time to get your facts right! Vitamin D in fact, is the vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium better. Deficient people have been shown to absorb only 15-20% of the calcium they consume. So loading your bodies with Calcium supplements won’t help much if you lack in Vitamin D. We, the Humans, need as much as Vitamin D possible because it saves you from rickets, osteoporosis, arthritis etc. Recent studies have also found a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and Type-I diabetes, and cancer. Don’t want to get a fracture every time you fall? Then you’d better build on the Vitamin D intake. 

Who are at most risk ?According to health experts, Women, especially in Maharashtra are shown to have very low Vitamin D levels. You’ll be surprised to know that 7 out of the 10 women that you may have bumped into are low on Vitamin D. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are at higher risk of Vitamin D deficiency who aren't exposed to adequate amount of sunlight. In today’s hustle bustle who has time for some good old sun bathing, or taking a minute’s walk in the morning sunlight? No one. 

We Indians are already at a disadvantage since darker skinned people need to stay in the sunlight longer for Vitamin D to get absorbed. To top that up, the women loathe themselves with sunscreen which may block the minuscule UV rays but also shuts out all the Vitamin D that they need to badly. 

Maharashtra, especially Mumbai is also one of the most polluted areas in the country, making the availability and absorption of the Vitamin D harder. But most of all, it’s the poor lifestyle of the ladies in the state that is to blame. Indoor lives, desk jobs, lethargy are all to blame for the deficiency and the only cure to this growing problem is to get up and get out! Prevention as you know, is better than cure! 

How to know if you have Vitamin D deficiency? Best food sources of Vitamin D are animal based, fish , cod liver oil, egg yolks, cheese, milk and liver. If your daily diet doesn’t include any of the above mentioned sources, for sure you are prone to Vitamin D deficiency. Also people with 30 and above BMI are often found to have Vitamin D deficiency. 

Vitamin D deficiency is not good for your over all health but it doesn’t mean you have to stand whole day under the sun, 365 days with out sunscreen. You must have heard of this phrase “Too much of anything is bad”. Too much Vitamin D can cause vomiting, kidney damage, dehydration and kidney stones. Too much exposure to sun minus the sunscreen leads to skin cancer, sun burn and allergies. 

Vitamin D is available for free! Yes Free! Since that seems to grab everyone’s attention. Timings – 11am to 3pm , two-three times a week just for 15-20 minutes and you are loaded with Vitamin D.Along with natural sources you can also include Vitamin D supplements in your diet. Put that knowledge to good use, remember, your body is your temple.

March 04, 2015

Chew Chew Chew Your Food !!

We live in a world where time flies. Often, most of us have limited time for meals and end up over looking the most important facet of nutrition : Chewing. You’ve probably heard this a million times, and it doesn’t even feature on your to-do lists, but trust us when we tell you it’s super important to chew your food properly. Mahatma Gandhi once rightly said “Chew your drink and drink your food” - guiding us towards the scientifically proven benefits of chewing. 

 You’ve probably also heard that you need to chew every bite X number of times before you can swallow it and although it sounds like stupid talk, a person’s chewing rate actually impacts his digestive system and overall health more than you can imagine! The amount of chomping you do decides how much of the important nutrients that your food contains will be absorbed by the body and also determines how hungry you feel. 

When you chew your food, it breaks down into smaller bits that are easier to digest. The more you chew, the better your food is digested and the more your body absorbs essential nutrients from the food. It also makes life much easier for your intestines who have small particles readily available for absorption of nutrients without much struggle. 

 Another important benefit of chewing well is that your food gets a chance to mingle with your saliva. The saliva lubricates your food, making it easier to pass through the food pipe, and also covers it with digestive enzymes that help the food get absorbed better. 

 Chewing the food also makes managing weight much easier. It has been proven that slowly and thoroughly chewing the food leads to eating lesser which obviously prevents gulping down the food and hence doesn’t let you put on weight that easy. 

 Chomping down the food also makes for a good workout for the teeth and keeps them strong and in place. The more you chew now, the happier you’ll be when you’re older. 

The last thing that it helps with it is enjoying the taste of the food and savoring it rather than swallowing it in one go.We live to eat, or at least we live because we eat. 

The Art of Chewing : 
  •  Never eat in hurry . 
  •  Keep your surrounding relaxed, avoid TV or other distraction as much as possible.
  •  Eat in small portions, helps you chew better. 
  •  Swallow the food when it is totally liquid.
  •  Go for next bite only when the first one is been swallowed. 
  •  Don’t drink and eat together. Go for one after the other. 
  •  Drink only when mouth is empty. 
  •  Don’t stay hungry for too long or you’ll end up gulping as usual.

So our advice to you is, Do mindful eating ! Eat well ,don’t get lost in the television, make time for some good old conversation while having meals so that you take your time and eat slowly. Make a conscious effort and who knows, this may just be the answer to a lot of your health problems. Cheers!

March 03, 2015

Food and Fart Connection

From silent to letting it rip loudly (and blaming others or in fact dogs), farts are a part of our everyday life. Farts may be really embarrassing for most of us, but it’ll make you feel slightly better knowing that it’s the most normal bodily function for all the animals. However, facts on farts get lost behind the jokes. Time to clear some smelly air! 
Here are a few fun facts, or should we say Fart Facts:
  •  Farts are nothing but the trapped air inside our body that comes out in an awkward fashion more often than not. Some of it is the air that we swallow while chewing or drinking, and other is gas that is absorbed by our intestines from the blood. 
  •  Did you know that the average healthy person lets one rip at least 13- 21 times a day. So we are literally farting all day long!
  •  A Fart can also travel faster than Usain Bolt, at 10ft per second. 
  •  Another fun fact about these hot airs is that they measure 98.6 degrees at the time of creation, and yes, they’re flammable! 
  • Typical Farts contain Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide , Hydrogen and Methane in large amounts, but it is the Hydrogen Sulfide (about 1%) that actually gives it the stench that makes people run out the elevator as soon as the doors open. So the more Sulfur rich your diet, the lesser friends you’ll have. 
  •  Some experts think holding fart could be bad for your health. Holding for a long time could cause you bloating, indigestion, heartburn and at worst, repressing gas can cause a distended bowel or hemorrhoids. 
  •  In most cultures, it is considered embarassing to fart in public but there are some cultures that actually enjoy farting in public. South American tribe called the Yanomami fart as a greeting, and in China you can actually earn a few bucks by smelling farts and identifying them, professionally! 
  •  The most shocking fact is, tiny termites fart more than any other animal on earth. So they are the one producing highest amount of methane gas and causing global warming problem on our blue planet. 
  • If you manage to hold your fart through out the day don't be so happy. Chances of gas escaping when you sleep are high. So you cant escape this natural process anyway ! 
  • You cant escape passing wind even after your death. Upto three hours after the death, gasses are released from both ends of the digestive tracts, resulting in burps or farts.
  • Some scientists believe that passing gas could mean our gut microbes are working properly. They say, eating food that causes gas gives nutrients to our gut microbes. So, go ahead. Eat such food and then if you stink just thank your gut bacteria who are busy keeping us healthy. 

The most Musical Food beside Sulfur rich food such as fizzy drinks and eggs, are-
  • Grains: whole wheat, corn bran, barley, wheat bran.
  • Vegetables: beans, cabbage,asparagus, broccoli , sprouts.
  • Legumes : lentils, peanuts and peas.
  • Fruits : apple, banana, grapes, melons, apricots. 

These all lead to foul smelling farts since they contain complex sugars that cannot be broken down by our body. Rice is the only food that doesn't gives us Gas! So you better start giving a fart about what you eat if you want to remain socially acceptable! 
We can’t stop this natural phenomenon, but we can definitely assure you a healthier and more pleasant smelling lifestyle if you tweak your lifestyle in these small and simple ways – 
  •   Don’t overeat. Indulge in smaller meals and increase their frequency.
  •   Slow down. The faster you gulp, the more air you take in with every bite.
  •   Keep Calm. Eating during stress can hamper digestion.
  •   Exercise. Besides reducing gas pain, this also leads to a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  •   Strike a Yoga pose to get rid of gas fast.
  •   Don’t hold gas for a long time, it could lead to bloating, indigestion even heartburn.

 Last but not the least fact about fart is, recent study suggests that exposure to hydrogen sulfide could prevent mitochondria damage. It means smelling farts could even prevent diseases like cancer. It does sound funny, but next time when someone farts  next to your desk, silently & deadly, may be you should be thankful. Because research is still going on !