March 04, 2015

Chew Chew Chew Your Food !!

We live in a world where time flies. Often, most of us have limited time for meals and end up over looking the most important facet of nutrition : Chewing. You’ve probably heard this a million times, and it doesn’t even feature on your to-do lists, but trust us when we tell you it’s super important to chew your food properly. Mahatma Gandhi once rightly said “Chew your drink and drink your food” - guiding us towards the scientifically proven benefits of chewing. 

 You’ve probably also heard that you need to chew every bite X number of times before you can swallow it and although it sounds like stupid talk, a person’s chewing rate actually impacts his digestive system and overall health more than you can imagine! The amount of chomping you do decides how much of the important nutrients that your food contains will be absorbed by the body and also determines how hungry you feel. 

When you chew your food, it breaks down into smaller bits that are easier to digest. The more you chew, the better your food is digested and the more your body absorbs essential nutrients from the food. It also makes life much easier for your intestines who have small particles readily available for absorption of nutrients without much struggle. 

 Another important benefit of chewing well is that your food gets a chance to mingle with your saliva. The saliva lubricates your food, making it easier to pass through the food pipe, and also covers it with digestive enzymes that help the food get absorbed better. 

 Chewing the food also makes managing weight much easier. It has been proven that slowly and thoroughly chewing the food leads to eating lesser which obviously prevents gulping down the food and hence doesn’t let you put on weight that easy. 

 Chomping down the food also makes for a good workout for the teeth and keeps them strong and in place. The more you chew now, the happier you’ll be when you’re older. 

The last thing that it helps with it is enjoying the taste of the food and savoring it rather than swallowing it in one go.We live to eat, or at least we live because we eat. 

The Art of Chewing : 
  •  Never eat in hurry . 
  •  Keep your surrounding relaxed, avoid TV or other distraction as much as possible.
  •  Eat in small portions, helps you chew better. 
  •  Swallow the food when it is totally liquid.
  •  Go for next bite only when the first one is been swallowed. 
  •  Don’t drink and eat together. Go for one after the other. 
  •  Drink only when mouth is empty. 
  •  Don’t stay hungry for too long or you’ll end up gulping as usual.

So our advice to you is, Do mindful eating ! Eat well ,don’t get lost in the television, make time for some good old conversation while having meals so that you take your time and eat slowly. Make a conscious effort and who knows, this may just be the answer to a lot of your health problems. Cheers!

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