March 17, 2015

Computer Vision Syndrome

Remember those times when mommy always told you to not to sit too close to the T.V or you’d go blind? 
That threat seems to have gone flying out the window now that we all are grown up. Working all day at their desks, staring at screens from distances that moms definitely wouldn't approve of! 

The modern lifestyle, where computer screens, tablets and cell phones get more attention than even your spouses, has made something known as the ‘ Computer Vision Syndrome’ quite popular. As complicated and cool as this sounds, it simply means itchiness and irritation caused to the eyes by staring at these digital screens for super long period of times. 

Most people that suffer from this have jobs that involve a lot of computer work, but there’s still certain steps they can take to save their eyes or their moms may just have the last laugh! 

The common symptoms of this are dry itchy eyes, neck pain, headache and blurred eyes. This stuff mainly happens because you’re either sticking your face in the screen or sitting too close to the computer, or your seating posture is all messed up. 

The reasons you probably don’t know about are that the light quality of the screen makes it as good as staring at a light bulb for those 8-10 hours.

Another thing is that when you’re trying to focus on the screen you end up blinking barely one third of how much you actually should be blinking. So dry eyes are no surprise!

Now you can’t completely cut off from the computer, but here are some things you can do -
  •  Keep Blinking, it washes your eyes with naturally cleansing tears. 
  •  Love 20-20 cricket? Remember the 20-20-20 formula for your eyes. Every 20 minutes, spend  at least 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away, and you’re sorted. 
  •  Keep the screens at least 20 inches away and 4-5 inches below eye level. 
  •  Keep good lighting, and keep a desk lamp. 
  •  Avoid keeping a towering overhead lighting unless you want headaches and poor eyesight. 

And the most important, eat food rich in Vitamin A carrots, tuna fish, green leafy vegetables, dried apricots. Busy life might restrict you to get the daily dose of Vitamin A from food sources . 
So one can try wide range of Multivitamin available and add in daily diet ! 

Don’t let this modern age syndrome take over your eyes. Remember! Eyes are the only medium through you see this beautiful world.

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