March 10, 2015

Dark Circles : Mystery Resolved !

We all have that one friend who perpetually has dark circles under his eyes. In some cases, we are that one friend and in others we just get these dark patches from time to time. Now the generally accepted norm followed by society is that lack of sleep equals to dark circles, but that’s not always true.

It’s actually got more to do with your genes. Just like veins appear blue to us even though they are actually carrying red blood in them, the blood vessels under our eyes also appear bluish black to us. This is simply because our skin doesn’t like the other colors and only allows blue to be seen after reflecting off the blood vessels. It’s not because we have blue veins, surprising isn’t it?

Now another important thing to be seen is that the skin under the eyes is much thinner than that covering the rest of the body. Genetically, in some people the skin is so thin that the blood vessels from below the skin are visible thus giving them dark circles. There’s not much they can do about it except blame their ancestors.
However other cases of dark circles are when you fall ill, or have a nasty allergy or excess salt consumption. In these cases, there is excess fluid retention by the body which causes greater pressure on the skin and blood vessels and thus, more prominent dark circles.

This doesn’t mean that you can sleep at 3 every night and wake up with no consequences! Lack of sleep and tension have also shown to cause dark circles. This is because a tired body increases the production of cortisol which helps the body stay awake. This increases the amount of blood in the body and swelling of the blood vessels making them more prominent and causing dark circles.

But don’t worry, as usual we have some easy, effective remedies at hand :
  • The first one is to apply cool cucumber slices to relax those tired puffy eyes. Do this daily for effective results.
  • The next one is even more effective and quite uncommon. What you need to do is just soak a tea bag in water. Then, place it in a refrigerator for some time. After that, place these tea bags over your eyes. You folks can also use a Chamomile tea bag. Regular use will definitely remove the dark circles and give you back your glow.
  • Another one to use is the frozen spoon. You need to keep a spoon in the freezer for about 15 minutes. After that remove the spoon and press the back of the cold spoon on your eye and below it till it’s warm again.
  • Besides these you obviously can use Under eye cream containing Vitamin K.
We hope after reading this you aren’t in the ‘dark’ anymore about these blue-black patches!

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