March 28, 2015

Depression: The Soul Parasite

Life is 10 percent what you experience and 90 percent how you respond to it ! 

Fun fact, there are twice as many women out there suffering from depression compared to men. Not so fun is it? With increase in stress and depression level in Indian women, there is an increase in suicide cases. This is something to worry about. Well we’re going to tell you why that’s the case and how to lift your mood and yourselves out of depression! 

Have you noticed a peaceful woman ever? If you have, you’re lucky to have caught such a rare sight. Women are naturally more sensitive and emotionally active than men, they think more about issues and keep calm rather than losing their tempers like most men. That’s why 99% of the times, they are under some sort of stress or the other and it could be as small as misplacing a hair pin or as big as a divorce. They’re naturally sensitive beings and that’s what makes them so beautiful. 

Want a demonstration? Just go to your mother’s or wife’s room and observe her for ten minutes – Pure beauty. So it is this sensitivity and emotional behavior, coupled with the constant pressures from society that are thrown onto women, such as taking care of the entire house and cooking and working too, that are naturally going to cause tons of stress related issues.
Not to mention the sexist remarks that the cowards of society shoot at the women, making life that much harder. To top it all, hormonally, they have more activity within the body which cause ups and downs in the mood, especially during pregnancy, menopause, and menstruation.

If you think stress and depression is only for common people, then have a look at the interview of Ms. Deepika Padukone. She confessed to be a victim of stress and depression. Her battle against her inner demons is really remarkable. She chose to be strong and fight back. Not everyone is that strong, heard of Jiah Khan? Pretty lady who made her name in Bollywood merely gave up and succumbed to depression. The list is long, but what we need here is to sit back and realize the depth of this problem.  
From occasional sights it has now become part of women’s daily life. The low’s in the mood are usually taken care of by a good old bowl of mac 'n' cheese or a tub of chocolate ice cream, or even overdosing on fried rice and regretting it later.
But these cures are as temporary as it gets.They lift the mood immediately after consumption thanks to the spike in blood sugar levels, but this is very short lived and the crash in the sugar levels leads to an even worse mood (the guilt of eating all this junk doesn't help their mood either). 

Women should have magnesium rich food which has been proven to lift the mood since it produces serotonin, a natural hormone that helps with the bad mood. 

Try almonds, peanuts, spinach, oats and other foods rich in magnesium. Another food to have in the arsenal would be sweet potato and other foods made of complex carbohydrates that give a slow steady supply of sugar to the blood and not sudden spikes. 

Remember ladies, not all carbohydrates and fats are bad, your body needs them! Try a cup of skim milk of you want. Lastly, you need to include foods rich in Omega -3.Foods like Chia seeds, salmon, trout and tuna that are rich in this nutrient have been proven to reduce depression, especially during pregnancy.
Eat well, have a balanced diet with enough carbohydrates, fats and protein so that you have the fuel the body needs to function well, and you’re sorted. Don’t forget to gulp a lot of water. 

Apart from healthy diet, follow these simple tips to keep yourself far far away from depression : 
  • If you feel the mood swings have persisted for than 2-3 weeks, time to talk to some one. 
  • Keep yourself at peace at all times. Peace is your secret weapon against stress & depression. 
  • Self realize the problems and work hard on it. Life is too beautiful to give up to this problem. 
  • Seeing a psychiatric doesn't mean you are crazy and weak, it means you have diagnosed your problem and now all you need is a treatment. 
Stay Happy Ladies, You are Beautiful!!

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