March 15, 2015

Did You Know Food Can Cause Cancer?

Cancer is Life Altering but not Defining !

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases today, having established itself as one after claiming millions of lives worldwide. When we think of cancer, we think sudden and inexplicable reasons, as well as the generally accepted norm in society that it’s simply a matter of chance and can happen anyone. But honestly, that’s not true. 

It’s like wearing red clothes and standing in front of a bull, he’s bound to attack. The case with cancer is pretty much the same. You may not know it but the foods that you consume every day to fuel your body may be carcinogenic and ultimately could lead to a situation you wouldn't want to be in.

Cancer is something that can happen quickly like lightning or over time like global warming. Either ways the result is catastrophic.
 Here are the top cancer causing foods you should look to avoid consuming or at least over consuming. 

The first one is Microwave popcorn, yes that’s correct. The favorite movie munchies for when you’re chilling at home actually cause immense damage to your dreams of a cancer free life. 
Right from its chemical lining, to the buttery popcorn inside, this has been the center of debates regarding lung cancer worldwide. It contains carcinogenic genetically modified foods and even the fumes released are toxic. 

Number two is grilled red meat. When red meat is grilled, it may make your mouth water, but it gets molecularily altered and releases carcinogenic agents, especially in the case of processed foods like hot dogs. 

Next up is refined sugar and white flour, which are almost nil in nutritional value and are genetically modified and cause major insulin spikes which feed cancer cells and help them grow. 

Salted and pickled foods contain nitrates and other chemicals to make them last longer and when you consume them, they stock up inside your body and cause serious damage. 

Another carcinogenic food is soda and carbonated drinks which have 0 health value and are chemically made and contain very high sugar content. 

These foods should be avoided and substituted as soon as possible. You can switch to honey or maple syrup instead of normal white sugar and natural juices instead of soda.

A deadly combination to stay healthy and fight off cancer causing cells and substances would be Green tea and Flaxseed oil , available on our website. These two have been shown to do a world of good to the body, help fight cancer, manage weight and regulate metabolism.
You can even try Weetabix , another champion food in the fight against cancer and helps prevent it. 

Like we've said a million times before, prevention is much better than cure. 

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