March 16, 2015


Saving a few calories today can lead to permanent damage later!! 

Sounds weird doesn't it? Yet you’ll be surprised to know how common a problem it is in today’s world.
Drunkorexia is nothing but a slang that is used to describe the practice of eating less or skipping meals so that you can drink more and get drunk faster. Sounds familiar? We hope not!

It may not sound all that serious, but people starving themselves to get drunk faster and cheaper is definitely something that should not be taken lightly and could be possibly life threatening.

Studies have shown that its more prominent in girls, possibly because they care about their weight more than the opposite sex, and want to stay thin but not give up the partying lifestyle at the same time.

Ladies, you should know that it’s obviously going to have consequences. We all know that drinking empty stomach isn't a wise idea, but it doesn't stop there. Increases risks of violence, risky sexual behavior and alcohol poisoning, much more than just a horrible hangover isn't it?

18-25 are the most affected ages of girls that suffer from this so-called disorder and don’t even know how serious it could be.

Do you feel that you’re health and drinking habits are out of control?

That your wallet has enough money to pay for either drinks or food and you obviously sacrifice the latter?

Do you experience black outs or get into a fix because of drinking?

We think it’s time for you to take a moment and think about where you’re headed. Control the drinking and do it within limits, you wouldn't want to be wasting your most productive years at a rehab center.

Think for a moment people, the most interesting and fun people you meet are the ones who can have an insane and fun time, completely sober.

You don’t need alcohol to have fun, it’ll never be as real!

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