March 03, 2015

Food and Fart Connection

From silent to letting it rip loudly (and blaming others or in fact dogs), farts are a part of our everyday life. Farts may be really embarrassing for most of us, but it’ll make you feel slightly better knowing that it’s the most normal bodily function for all the animals. However, facts on farts get lost behind the jokes. Time to clear some smelly air! 
Here are a few fun facts, or should we say Fart Facts:
  •  Farts are nothing but the trapped air inside our body that comes out in an awkward fashion more often than not. Some of it is the air that we swallow while chewing or drinking, and other is gas that is absorbed by our intestines from the blood. 
  •  Did you know that the average healthy person lets one rip at least 13- 21 times a day. So we are literally farting all day long!
  •  A Fart can also travel faster than Usain Bolt, at 10ft per second. 
  •  Another fun fact about these hot airs is that they measure 98.6 degrees at the time of creation, and yes, they’re flammable! 
  • Typical Farts contain Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide , Hydrogen and Methane in large amounts, but it is the Hydrogen Sulfide (about 1%) that actually gives it the stench that makes people run out the elevator as soon as the doors open. So the more Sulfur rich your diet, the lesser friends you’ll have. 
  •  Some experts think holding fart could be bad for your health. Holding for a long time could cause you bloating, indigestion, heartburn and at worst, repressing gas can cause a distended bowel or hemorrhoids. 
  •  In most cultures, it is considered embarassing to fart in public but there are some cultures that actually enjoy farting in public. South American tribe called the Yanomami fart as a greeting, and in China you can actually earn a few bucks by smelling farts and identifying them, professionally! 
  •  The most shocking fact is, tiny termites fart more than any other animal on earth. So they are the one producing highest amount of methane gas and causing global warming problem on our blue planet. 
  • If you manage to hold your fart through out the day don't be so happy. Chances of gas escaping when you sleep are high. So you cant escape this natural process anyway ! 
  • You cant escape passing wind even after your death. Upto three hours after the death, gasses are released from both ends of the digestive tracts, resulting in burps or farts.
  • Some scientists believe that passing gas could mean our gut microbes are working properly. They say, eating food that causes gas gives nutrients to our gut microbes. So, go ahead. Eat such food and then if you stink just thank your gut bacteria who are busy keeping us healthy. 

The most Musical Food beside Sulfur rich food such as fizzy drinks and eggs, are-
  • Grains: whole wheat, corn bran, barley, wheat bran.
  • Vegetables: beans, cabbage,asparagus, broccoli , sprouts.
  • Legumes : lentils, peanuts and peas.
  • Fruits : apple, banana, grapes, melons, apricots. 

These all lead to foul smelling farts since they contain complex sugars that cannot be broken down by our body. Rice is the only food that doesn't gives us Gas! So you better start giving a fart about what you eat if you want to remain socially acceptable! 
We can’t stop this natural phenomenon, but we can definitely assure you a healthier and more pleasant smelling lifestyle if you tweak your lifestyle in these small and simple ways – 
  •   Don’t overeat. Indulge in smaller meals and increase their frequency.
  •   Slow down. The faster you gulp, the more air you take in with every bite.
  •   Keep Calm. Eating during stress can hamper digestion.
  •   Exercise. Besides reducing gas pain, this also leads to a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  •   Strike a Yoga pose to get rid of gas fast.
  •   Don’t hold gas for a long time, it could lead to bloating, indigestion even heartburn.

 Last but not the least fact about fart is, recent study suggests that exposure to hydrogen sulfide could prevent mitochondria damage. It means smelling farts could even prevent diseases like cancer. It does sound funny, but next time when someone farts  next to your desk, silently & deadly, may be you should be thankful. Because research is still going on !

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