March 12, 2015

Get Lean This Summer !!

Summer is nigh, and it’s time to cash in on all the hard work you've put in the winter months. All those long hours of work are about to pay off, with summer just around the corner.

 It’s time to cut down on the cheesecakes and ice cream now, and cut back the layer of fat that’s not giving you the sharp beach-body look. Right now, the most important component is your diet, not training.
Continue hitting the gym with the same zest, but change up your workouts a bit and include more High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which will help burn more calories. Diet is like the Chicken of the chicken sandwich and training is just the lettuce at this point.

A long term steady diet burns fewer calories because of the body’s tendency to resist the burning of excess calories. So our tip would be to change it up frequently, cycle the calories! Eat in deficit of 500-700 calories for about a week and then take a day off and consume the normal amount of calories. Do this for a month and watch the magic.
  • Cycling throws the body off balance and spikes up the metabolism like crazy, leading to huge amounts of fat loss.
  •  Another must do, is overdosing on water and stimulants like Green tea which will not only boost the metabolic rate, but also help in digestion and stuff. 
  • Knock yourself out with Fibre foods like cauliflower and other coloured vegetables that are super light in calories but high in fibre and extremely healthy. 
Maintain a diary. It’s really simple and barely takes a minute to write in, but does wonders when it comes to monitoring progress. Don’t even try cheating, since you’ll surely catch yourself red handed and you wouldn't want months of hard work to go waste thanks to a slice of chocolate cake!

The golden rule for the diet still remains to include protein and more protein in every meal. It’s the only way you’re going to build muscle and grow, as well as recover from the intense training regimes.

 Enjoy the summer, and go easy on the alcohol and junk food!

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