March 09, 2015

Good Bye Dandruff !!

Dandruff, something nobody likes to be associated with and rightly so. The shedding of dead cells from the scalp is what we call dandruff, and although most of us don’t like to admit it quite a few of us suffer from this problem.

Dandruff is dangerous, there haven’t been any reported cases of death by dandruff but you probably don’t want to take that risk anyway! Don’t let dandruff stop you from wearing that favorite black tee or messing up your hair in public without spraying dandruff in all directions.

 It is caused by either extra dry or extra oily scalps, but most often due to dietary reasons. Yes, deficiencies in the diet can lead to dandruff. Zinc and Vitamin B6 are the key in this case, and in order to say good bye to dandruff for good, it is absolutely essential to include foods rich in these nutrients in your diet.

While there are other foods such as bananas, chickpeas and ginger that will ably help your cause, your two best friends should be sunflower seeds and wheat germ.

Sunflower seeds  are exceptional warriors against dandruff and are super rich in zinc and Vitamin B6 supplements. Not only do they prevent dandruff by deficiency but also dandruff caused by indigestion since they help in the smooth functioning of the digestive system. To top it up, they also boost the metabolism. They’re not too expensive either and are a must to have in the diet.

Wheat germ  is your second buddy if you have dandruff. It’ll be a problem of the past once you start your regular consumption of wheat germ. Not only is it rich in zinc and Vitamin B6, but also a storehouse of other B vitamins. Include it in almost anything, milkshakes, juices, meals absolutely anything.

Stack up these two in your homes and you won’t be facing any embarrassment caused by dandruff again. Stay clean, stay confident!

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