March 08, 2015

If Michael Clarke Can Then You Can Too!

Michael Clarke, one of the great player, is known for hitting the ball out of the stadium. But since the past few weeks he’s lost his spark sitting on the side-lines when his nation needs him in the attack. All this only because of an injury to his back! 

With the ongoing World Cup, it’s a race against time for Australia’s captain Michael Clarke to get back to full fitness in the hope of leading his side to glory. Although we may feel a little relieved as Indian fans that Clarke may not play well for Australia, you can’t help but feel sorry for the man who’s ranked among the best batsmen in the world and would definitely add another dimension to the World Cup. Let’s take a look ‘back’ and see what the problem really was. 

Michael Clarke actually suffers from a back injury worse than most other sportsmen, having decimated discs in his spine at two to three levels. It’s the kind of injury that makes you think twice before getting up from the sofa to head for the fridge, but then that’s why this guys at the top of the game. 

Clarke has had this issue since he was 18, and has suffered from degenerative changes since. He had a few injury scares in his younger days, but with the recent hamstring problems paired with his back issues there was serious doubt over his cricket career. He returned home from India to receive treatment and racing against time to make it to full fitness in time for the World Cup. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him come back stronger than ever this summer! 

With a lifestyle like Mike’s, which involves jumping, sprinting, diving and long hours of travel there is an immense amount of pressure on the spine. It’s similar to a coolie carrying about 10 suitcases on his head. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well that’s what the spine of most sportsmen need to put up with and is also why most of them end up at the physiotherapist’s clinic at some point or the other. 

Here are a few tips to prevent that dreaded back injury that can leave you struggling to get out of bed.: 

A) Strengthen your core – The stronger your core muscles, the lesser the chances of back injury and the more hard’core’ your lifestyle! At least that’s one of the reasons Michael is still playing. 

B) Start exercising – You already know this, but need to be told again so here we are! Please don’t be a couch potato and start exercising. Go for a jog or hit the gym for at least 30 minutes daily.

 C) Sleep right – if you have back pain already, you may want to sleep on your side rather than your back because that position is found to keep back muscles under constant tension. Sleeping sideways will give you that relief that expensive massages may not be able to! 

D) Shed the extra pounds – The fatter you are the more weight your spine needs to maintain and the more pressure it exerts. Stay lean and fit, to avoid back issues in the short and long term 

E) Lift right – Don’t be a hero guys, lift only that much weight that you comfortable can. If it’s heavy then google the right ways to lift the weight using your leg muscles and not the back. 

F) This one’s probably the most relevant and important. At your day jobs, please don’t slouch over the computer screens for hours together. Sit straight in an upright position or you’ll end up quitting the job in a few years because of that back pain which is only going to get worse. 

Don’t let Back pain take over your lifestyle, fight like Michael Clarke and be a Winner!

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