March 22, 2015

Mindful Eating

"In order to change your body, first change your mind "

Eating is a natural phenomena of every living being on this earth to satisfy hunger. Today’s food abundant, diet obsessed world has changed the whole meaning of eating. Now eating is more like mindless, consuming and guild inducing habit.
When you are mindful you are fully present, you live in the moment without judgment. The same is applicable on your eating habits, eating your food with intention & attention is what is called as Mindful Eating.

Mindful eating is not like going on a diet. There is no set menus or recipes. Its all about being aware of your eating habits, having emotional connect with the food & experiencing the sensations when you eat. It is more about how you eat rather than what you eat, when you eat.

Mindfulness helps you realize the volume of the body so you can hear loud & clear when you are hungry & full. It helps you break free your daily routine and lets you enjoy the food, flavor, aroma & taste. Many of us struggle to connect with food because we pay too much attention to idiot box or laptops or smart phones. Ask yourself when was the last time you had a meal peacefully? Answer lies within!

 We can give you many examples of mindless eating :
  • You keep on eating even though you are full. 
  • You skip meals because of work, ignoring the hunger signals
  •  Everyday you eat food in front of TV 
  • You just eat and don't let taste buds savor the food 
  • You binge eat because of stress, boredom or just like that 
  • You munch on snacks just to give company to friends.
By now your mind & body must have given the answers you are looking for. You want to bring the change in your habits. Well its not that difficult! Whenever you notice that you feel like eating, just ask yourself “Am I Hungry”? You will notice how thoughts occur in mind and how you respond to this question. Rather than eating mindlessly aim for eating with responsibility. This mindful eating will unfold many mysteries behind your eating habits and discover options that works better for you.

Now lets talk about the benefits behind mindful eating :
  • Reduced over eating 
  • Improvement in digestion
  • Relish Food 
  • Better judgment of flavor, aroma & taste 
  • Feel more satisfied 
Its time to change the way you interact with food, want to master the art? Here are the simple & useful tips :
  • Small Bites 
  • No Multitasking during meal times. 
  • Focus & Chew 
  • Let your mind first enjoy the appearance of food 
  • Choose quality over quantity 
  • Prepare your own meal with fresh ingredient to enjoy it fully later. 

You don't need super human powers to mindful eating, all it requires is a simple commitment to respect, appreciate and most important enjoy the food everyday. Whether its a brownie or a bowl of salad, just focus on mindful eating. You will know the difference !

And while the focus is more on how you eat, not what you eat, your notions of what you want to eat will shift for the betterment too.

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