March 18, 2015

Never Feel Tired Again !!

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like going back to bed even after eight to ten hours of sleep? Do you feel tired and achy in morning? Do you feel grumpy after waking up? All this sounds familiar? And wonder why this happens too often ? 

Anyone could be a victim of Morning Sluggishness.If you are, then this post may just be an "eye-opener" for you. Waking up in this state isn't a normal thing, unless you have a baby that cries itself to sleep every night, robbing you of your own sleep! 
It turns out, when you can’t sleep you know it but this problem does sabotage your sleep in more subtle ways. Hence, doesn't matter if you have slept for 6 or 8 hours, you are not going to feel fresh & full of energy in the morning. 

 Here are few signs that’s secretly taking away your rest period : 

You sleep poorly and wake up with “Morning Mouth” : Acid re-flux keeps body partially awake when you are asleep. Heartburn symptoms may not always appear. This “silent re-flux” can be avoided by having meal two hours before sleep and by keeping yourself away from acid-causing foods in dinner. 

You are Stressed : Lets accept, stress has become daily part of our life. We all know how badly stress can affect our happy and normally functioning system. Try activities which diverts your mind and gives you peace. 

Frequent visits to bathroom in night : Waking up in the middle of night to use bathroom is technically called as Nocturia. Normally, body’s natural process holds up urine without waking us up for 6 to 8 hours. Try and avoid too much liquid just before going to bed. Specially alcohol, coffee & tea as they are diuretic. Make sure to empty your bladder before hitting bed or else be ready for disruptions in sound sleep. 

Teeth Grinding : Burxism is what teeth grinding is officially known as. You may not even be aware of this habit until some one brings in to your notice. It is a subconscious neuromuscular activity. Jaw grinding results in waking up with pain or stiffness in neck. Visit your dentist as soon as possible once you discover this problem. 

Sleep Apnea : In our earlier posts we had discussed about this condition and it’s remedies. Because of sleep apnea you sleep fitfully, feel exhausted all the time and wake up with sore throat or neck pain. See a doctor soon, Sleep Apnea can’t be taken lightly. You can overcome your snoring problem by using Snooze 

Circadian Rythm Problem : You get full sleep but feel groggy all the time. This clearly indicates your body is out of sync with day and night. Staying up late or sleeping under bright lights, night shifts , Irregular sleep patterns, using laptops and smart phones all results in disruption in your body’s natural wake up cycle. Well we don’t need to tell you what to do about this problem. Our readers are smart enough to find the solution. 

You lack in Vitamin C or Magnesium or Both : Daily does of Vitamin C is really important and low magnesium level is one of the most overlooked deficiency. Get yourself check for these two important vitamin & mineral. If low, then take food rich in Vitamin C & magnesium along with supplements. 

Low blood Sugar : Contrary to popular belief, the reason you wake up feeling like shit is not because you didn't sleep enough last night, but because your blood sugar is going low while you sleep happily. The solution to your huge problem lies in the kitchen. Try couple of spoons of almond or peanut butter, or sweet potatoes or a small whole wheat sandwich.Any one of these should do the trick for you.

Apart from this, you know the basics of waking up fresh. You need to sleep early, and do some physical exercise so that you’re tired enough to get good sleep. Counting sheep does not work! Wake up fresh in the morning and you should have a smashing day. 

You can Beat Morning Blues !! All the Best. 

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