March 14, 2015

Sleep Apnea !!

Sleep Apnea is quite a strange condition and pretty irritating if you think of it. It basically means not required, repeated pauses in your breathing while you sleep at night.

Sleep Apnea is of two types, Central sleep apnea and Obstructive sleep apnea. The latter is more common, and though this may not sound like a big problem, it can really jeopardize your performance in daily activities such as driving or working and sometimes may even cause you to fall asleep. But that’s not all, heart failure, stroke, obesity, heart attack are more likely if you have sleep apnea and don’t do anything about it.

Central Sleep apnea is when the brain doesn’t do its job properly. The brain does not tell the muscles to breathe and so you don’t make any attempt to breathe at all and end up breathless. This is not the case in Obstructive Sleep apnea, where you can’t breathe at all. In this case, there’s no space in the throat for air to go down because of several factors, mainly weight. So medically besides dieting pills, not much can help you. 

The only and best option would be to join a gym, exercise daily and control your eating habits so that you can give your throat that much needed space. Start throwing your weight around (and out of your body!). Physical signs of possible victims include short or thick necks, fat people, large tonsils etc. 

Besides that, the symptoms would include waking up in the morning feeling tired with a headache, mood problems (besides PMS), waking up often in the middle of the night, Snoring and going to the bathroom often in the middle of the night. 

The best treatments to get sound sleep are :
  • Start with losing weight. You need to shed that excess fat, it’s not even giving you enough space to breathe! 
  • The next one sounds pretty bad too because you wouldn't want to but you need to reduce alcohol consumption drastically. 
  • You also need to check for acid re-flux and take the necessary treatment. 
  • Try products like Snooze  to stop Snoring.  
  • Another trick that can help would be to raise the head of the bed with a few pillows while sleeping. It’ll give you that angular advantage and increase airflow!
  • Lastly, you should stop smoking. You don’t need to be told why, not just sleep apnea but cancer is another consequence in the long run. We’re sure that’s not on your agenda.
Follow these tricks and you should get back your sound sleep in no time. Sleep tight!

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