March 13, 2015

Spearmint Tea A Day Keeps Acne Away

Whether its teens or adults, everybody has faced this problem and most continue to face it from time to time. This deadly demon has been commonly given the name Acne

It starts off with the slightest off irritation and moves on to a single pimple or blackhead, and that’s not enough. Before you know it, you've got red acne marks, pimples, irritation, whiteheads, blackheads, and what not on your face, neck, back and even arms. Sounds gross doesn't it? 

Yet most of us know what is being spoken off, quite well might I add. Acne is something that needs to be treated properly and sometimes even the most intense medical treatments may fail to fight it in the long term and have temporary effects. However tweak your lifestyle in a few ways to adapt a couple of natural remedies, and you may never have this problem again. 

One such tweak we’re going to tell you about is Spearmint tea  This magic tea works wonders when it comes to acne. Spearmint has been used in drinks, chewing gum, mouth washes, oils etc. for a while now, but mainly the tea is one of its most effective forms. It’s like the James bond of all teas, silently doing the job and annihilating Acne right from its roots. 

The first way in which it prevents Acne is hormonal. A large number of Acne cases are due to hormonal imbalance, but spearmint prevents the release of excess testosterone which causes acne and instead, causes the release of female hormones like estrogen which prevent acne. 
It works wonders for both men and women, for the latter especially during their menstrual cycles. 

The other superpower that Spearmint has is that it is one of the best antioxidants out there. So it prevents the oxidization of fat and subsequently doesn't let our skin and pores clog up.

It prevents the growth of Acne causing bacteria and save us and make us look more beautiful! Just one glass of spearmint tea every morning, and you’re good to go.
It tastes great too, so we’d suggest you to definitely make an addition to the grocery list this week!

We can confidently conclude now, Spearmint Tea A Day Keeps Acne Away!

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