March 02, 2015

Stay in shape this summer vacation

Planning a summer vacation with the family? Here are a few ways that could make it a much more pleasant and healthy experience. Vacations don’t always mean putting on 5 kilos or lazing around on beaches, it really depends on how you want to spend your vacation.

To start off with, we’d suggest that you book your hotels wisely. Choose a hotel with a modern gym with state of the art equipment, so that even if it rains and your outdoor plans are washed away, you still get to sweat it out and stay productive. If you’re one of the early morning joggers, make sure the hotel you pick has a track nearby or at least treadmills.

 If you’re going with family and friends, it’d be perfect if you could fix up some company for the gym sessions or morning runs. That way you won’t be disturbing the others (early morning) and you’ll manage to wake up and motivate each other thanks to the company.

 If you can’t access a gym, spend just half an hour of your day (preferably mornings) doing bodyweight exercises. Yeah, you can do push-ups anywhere, even in the lobby! It’ll keep the muscles pumped and make you look sharp.

 If you’re hitting a new city, try to do the bulk of the exploration on foot guys, please don’t be lazy and take a cab for short distances. We know that no vacation is complete without a party. So party as much as you can and dance your socks off. Dance day and night and you’ll be surprised at the results after the holiday. Dancing is actually insane cardio and works the whole body. 

While planning the holiday, why not include intense activities like hiking or trekking? With buddies it’s a lot of fun, and we don’t need to tell you how healthy it is!

Stack up the fridge with foods like watermelon. It’s a brilliant summer food and keeps your body cool, tastes great, and is 92% water so it’ll keep you hydrated during the hectic summer days.
Replace sodas and aerated drinks with juices and stuff like lime water that goes easy on the calories but keeps you chilled.

 Have a safe and healthy vacation and make sure to have fun, some of the best memories are made here. Every summer has a story – what’s yours going to be?

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