March 21, 2015

Teen Rage - A Folded Page

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured - Mark Twain

A dent in the cupboard, a crack in the wall, a hole in the showcase, all tells you the same story. It’s not just about a few families anymore, but this is the scene in most of the houses today.

Teenagers today exhibit extremely moody behavior which is completely beyond their parents’ understanding. These random bouts of anger and perpetual rage and irritation on their faces don’t mean that these kids are going mad, it tells you a story. Its more than just hormonal mood swings, its symbolic of what’s cooking in their minds.

Teens are spanning between childhood and adulthood and are pressured with a number of issues, which may not seem much when you just glance at it, but could be a lot more serious were you to give it a deeper thought.

As these kids come face to face with poverty, debt issues, loss of a job, pressures of getting into a good college, alcohol addiction and exposure to drugs thanks to that one best friend that you never wanted them to have, they can’t help but react with unwarranted, persistent anger attacks.

 It’s a psychological crisis inside their heads, so don’t get so surprised when they get angry for the smallest things. The problem lies in their inability to cope with their emotions and express themselves. 

Most of us cope with their kid’s ‘issues’ by ignoring them and moving on, hoping that it’ll go away. But that’s the worst thing you could possibly do. In most cases, all that these kids need is someone to talk to, a friend. And who better to hear them out than their parents, but for that you need to understand their plight.

Imagine an 18 year old guy, towering over his mother, broad and confident, but not able to access a bank account or drive himself to places. Frustrating right? It is when you think from the kid’s perspective.

The best way these kids can cope with their stress and their violent spurts of anger (which will stay this way right from 13-18) is by picking up a hobby and keeping them occupied. Encourage them to join a gym, or music class or whatever it is that interests them. 

You’ll be surprised how much happier he/she will be. Sit them down and talk to them when they get angry, keep your cool and talk through the anger and you may just identify the real issue. Visit a shrink if you don’t think you’re up to it, but let his emotions out. 

Manage yours and your child’s stress daily and talk to each other and you’d be pleasantly surprised at the positive outlook you gain towards life.

Anger is only one letter short of DANGER !!

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