March 19, 2015

Three Important Things Diet Don't Teach You!

Our readers, specially Women must be very much familiar with the Calorie word. Every other woman is obsessed with calorie intake and now a days men are not behind in this race. Counting calories under breath at every mean to stay slim is a common sight these days. 

While this kind of approach does help to keep weight off, but have you every wondered it might make your relationship with food, body and your inner self dysfunctional. In the quest to get the so called Perfect Body, you might not realize the damage now. After reading this post, you might shift from counting calories to heal your relationship with food. 

 Everyday on internet you will find new ways to loose weight, diet charts, tips & tricks. All these are good but they don’t teach you three key things. These three teachings play an important role in building a peaceful relationship with food, body and your inner self. With this post we really hope you will find your peace and start working towards staying happy & healthy.

Honor Your Hunger:
One of the most difficult part of being on diet is we don't listen to our body. At times you will be confused what hungry felt like and sometimes what full or satisfied felt like. When you aren't fully able to listen to your body, even dieting wouldn't help you. Diets cant tell what suits you best, only you can. 

You must have come across people who eat when hungry and when they are full they stop. Their mind is not under the pressure of calorie intake or weight. They just enjoy food, and you would wonder why are you Fat and they are not. Even after dieting so much. The key is Honor your hunger, practice Intuitive eating. It’s a difficult process to learn how to listen to your body but its not impossible. Patience is the key! 

Value Your Body & It’s Efforts:
Most of us are envy of other person’s body, hair, skin, hands ,arms; the list is endless. The moment we come across slightly better looking person the J eye monster wakes up in our mind. Finding and keeping love starts with in yourself including your body. Think back on your inner dialogue today, if you have a crummy relationship with your body. Well Guess what ? Your self esteem has been listening to your bashing towards your body and internalizing every perceived inadequacy.

It’s high time to start treating our bodies with love and respect. Because this criticism not only affects your self esteem, but also your whole sens of well being. You will never be satisfied with yourself no matter what you do to look slim or get those perfect abs. Let us help you, it’s very simple. Stand in front of mirror and say good things to your body. Be thankful to it for keeping you in health state. See!! Isn’t it easy? This would look funny in the beginning but in long run it would do wonders for your self esteem and of course your body. 

Beauty With In Doesn't Count :
Do I look perfect today?How are my clothes? How are my shoes? Do you pay attention to all this every morning before leaving home? Well, if you think by wearing that perfect dress or make up or costly shoes will make you look good, then welcome to the world of people who are overwhelmed with need to look beautiful; on the outside that is. 
You remember how our grandparents or parents used to say “It doesn't matter whats on the outside its what on the inside that counts. Wouldn't that be a great saying to remember always? ” 

We agree personality matters a lot. With so much of marketing of beauty products, clothes, shoes for women & men in fact kids now a days, you cant help but notice and buy it off. We are not against all this, our emphasis is on inner strength. If you are going on diet,or aggressive exercise; sweat because you want your inner strength to match up with the outside beauty. Not because your major concern is only to look good to the world. 

Practicing self-kindness and acceptance is what gonna make all of us a happy human being. Find your peace now and in doing so you'll get healthier not just in your body, but in mind, soul & spirit.

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