March 25, 2015

Why Indians Have An Edge Over Aussies

In the second nerve wrecking semi-final of the ICC World Cup 2015, unbeatable India will take over Aussies at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). Australia may look like robust unit, defending world champions are all charged up to book a place in finals against New Zealand.

Regardless of conditions, skill and advantage of home background, Kangaroos will be under pressure to perform. When it comes to pressure times, who else can handle better than Captain Cool, M S Dhoni, he surely knows how to win World Cups and this approach has brought Dhoni and his boys quite a long way.

If cricket is our religion then food is the reigning deity. On going World Cup is like a big festival and has become every Indians obsession. We are truly united by Food and Cricket, then what about our cricketers? It made us think how Dhoni and his company is preparing to refresh the memories of 2011 ICC World Cup quarter finals. To face Aussies in high voltage match, our cricketers need powerful diet and very strong mind.

There has been a lot of talk among cricket fans about the sort of diet the cricketers go for in order to go about their duties in the best possible way. Let’s take a look at the diet Indian cricketers follow to keep the winning streak alive :
  • Breakfast usually includes boiled eggs, milk, cereals, porridge, fruits , assorted nuts along with fresh fruit juices.
  • Lunch is of lamb chops, fish- tuna & pink salmon, chicken, lentils, chappatis, yoghurt, pasta, brown rice.
  • Dinner is usually light as planned by the dietitians; chicken, chappatis, fish, salads, lentils and lamb. 
  • In between Training Sessions, our cricketers heavily rely on Evian mineral water, energy drinks, protein shakes to keep them hydrated and charged up.
Did you know like any of us our cricketers too have guilty pleasure, only difference is we can have it anytime without worrying much about the consequences. Dietitians put cricketers on strict diet plan so there is no scope to gorge on the favorite food.
Here are the guilty pleasures of some of our favorite cricketers :
  • Virat Kohli - Just like his looks Virat loves chocolate brownie. 
  • Rohit Sharma - Being a true north Indian, he swears by Aloo Parathas. 
  • M S Dhoni- If you think Captain cool doesn't have any weakness apart from Mrs. Dhoni, think again ! Butter chicken can make him go on his knees, can have anytime anyday. 
Psychology plays a very crucial role in high pressure matches. While Aussies are testing our cricketers with mind games, Dhoni chooses not to fall for sledging trap and let his boys speak through actions in the ground.
Some psychological advancement we have over Oz’s :
  • Our bowlers who were under estimated by the whole world are on fire.
  • Confident openers who are riding high on good form. 
  • Although match is on an Australian ground,Indians will be ruling the whole stadium with blue color. Bleed Blue
  • Virat Kohli has some unfinished business with Kangaroos. So big knock can be expected from him.
  • Indian squad is fully fit from body and mind. Unbeatable track record in this world cup says a lot !
  • Spinners will be Dhoni’s Triumph card, Aussies don't have a good track record of playing against spinners. 
Tomorrow’s match is no less than the World Cup final. May our cricketers get peaceful sleep. We wish our Indian cricket team all the luck they need.

Stay Calm Stay Cool ! Bring the Cup Back !!

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