March 23, 2015

Your Face Says it All

" The face is the mirror of the mind, and without speaking confess the secrets of your   body"

No time for a health checkup eh? Too busy and caught up with work and sleeping and eating to visit the doctor? No worries, this one’s for all you lazy people. Just turn to the mirror and you will know it all. 

Your face tells you a lot more than you can even think of. Your face is your barometer, and through a little bit of knowledge (and a mirror) you can do your own quick health checkup, without waiting in queue!

Let’s start off with the Skin. Yellow skin means you’re either facing the side effects of some hardcore blood pressure medication, or your liver is damaged pretty badly.  

Brown patches, which occur more in women than men are the consequence of UV damage from the sun, or because of babies! (Pregnancy or taking the pill).

Deep lines in your face are crying out to you that you've got osteoporosis. For all you chubby bubs, blue and purple are not the colour you’re looking for when we say cheeks. 

If you have bluish purple cheeks, it means that your blood has less oxygen and you’re in line for some lung or heart issues. Visit the doctor right now!

If you have pimples on your forehead, it means that you probably have stomach congestion and liver problems. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins guys.

Acne on your chiseled jawlines (hidden under a double chin sometimes) is simply because you’ve been overdosing on dairy products and refined sugar such as soda and other junk. 

Yellow teeth? Maybe you should cut down on those extra cups of tea and coffee guys. Speaking of teeth, thinner teeth are a sign of acid re-flux. That stomach juice is worse than cola and takes one third the time to dissolve your teeth, literally! 

To finish it off, if you have brittle dull hair, it probably means you’re lacking in protein. Add healthy fatty acids and iron to your diet and you should get your shining locks back in no time. 

Dry lips are a sign of internal dehydration and low iron intake. It can also mean Vitamin B deficiency. So hydrate yourself well and smack on some lip balm, but also add the necessary foods to your diet. Spinach is a winner here. 

Feel itchiness in your ears, well they are a sign on allergy or low tolerance.

 A few small tweaks in your diet can help you overcome majority of the issues your health may tell you about, but for the more serious ones we advise you to visit your doctor at the earliest. You’ll be healthier and happier soon enough, not to mention with a prettier looking face. 

 That’s a deal we’re sure you wouldn't want to miss!!

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