April 29, 2015

How Much Soda Is Too Much For Your Kid?

How much soda is good for your kid? And do you want to be giving him any aerated stuff at all? Take that call after reading through what we believe may change your opinion.

We all know kids love sweet stuff, and soft drinks, but do you know that pampering your child with generous servings of soda is actually impacting his behaviour? All those of you guys who give your child more than two glasses a day, have you been noticing any aggressive behaviour in your little star? You might want to blame it on the video games and the TV, take a peek inside your fridge instead!

Studies showed that children that drank soda were more aggressive and violent toward other kids and went crazy. Yes, it’s the soda that’s the cause. But that’s not all; the devil is in the dose.

Children who were pampered with 4 or more servings a day were the ones that got into fights on the playground and tore up their own artwork. Those that had 2 servings a day were more socially withdrawn, while those who had one or less serving were the closest to sober and environment friendly!

Soda contains a bunch of bad stuff that you want to keep your baby far away from. These drinks are highly industrial products that go through numerous manufacturing procedures, loaded with artificial agents and sweeteners that aren’t going to do anybody any good. They contain carbonated water, high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, citric acid etc. That is all artificial agents and not what a growing and developing body needs.
 The high sugar levels are what affect the behaviour causing blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Caffeine is the main component in these drinks which also affects their behaviour, giving them extra energy and has shown to cause anxiety. With a few easy and stern steps you can take back control and guide these growing boys and girls into the right direction.

Start off by being the perfect role model. Your kid looks up to you and if you drink a glass of milk instead, they’ll follow! Avoid soda at meals and don’t stack up cans and bottles in the fridge. If they don’t see it, they’re less likely to have it. Lastly, reward your kid with an incentive when he DOESN’T drink soda. He’ll want more rewards and naturally, less soda.

Sodas do more harm to your kids growth and mental development than any good. Everyone wants healthy and happy kids.Right?  Give it a thought !! 

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