April 06, 2015

Spearmint and Green Tea - The Best of Both World

Spearmint Tea is a blend of select spearmint from the Himachal region. Unlike regular green tea, it has a uniquely refreshing flavour and aroma. In general, mint based teas have regularly featured in Mediterranean, Indian and Asian cuisines. 

Spearmint has been used for remedial purposes since ancient times and is found in a multitude of oral hygiene products today. Spearmint tea, though, is arguably the best form through which to consume the said ingredient. 

Drinking Spearmint Green Tea has a wide range of health benefits. The July 2007 edition of Harvard Medical School's HealthBeat newsletter focused on some of spearmint's benefits including soothing the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and taking care of constipation. 

Spearmint soothes the gut and gives a cool feeling, relieving you of indigestion and preventing acidity. However, it has been scientifically proven to be the most effective against Acne

Spearmint Green Tea is a good source of potent antioxidants which prevent the oxidation of fat, subsequently preventing the clogging of the pores on our skin, which is one of the main causes of acne. 

Besides this, Spearmint tea also helps maintain hormonal balance. Acne is caused by the excess testosterone in the body. Spearmint tea prevents the release of this excessive acne causing testosterone and instead initiates the release of estrogen, providing for a healthy balance. The tea works wonders for both men and women, especially during menstruation for the latter. 

Streptococcus Mutans, along with other suspected bacteria, cause dental decay in the mouth. According to dietitian Nadine Taylor, spearmint green tea takes care of these singlehandedly, giving you healthy, cavity free teeth among its many other benefits. 

A cup of spearmint green tea after a meal takes care of the noxious bacteria in your mouth, leaving you with fresh breath and an even fresher feel.

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