April 07, 2015

Spearmint Infusion Tea: Refresh Your Health

Spearmint is a pleasantly aromatic member of the mint family, known widely for its therapeutic properties. It is not as rich in menthol as peppermint is, and is loaded with vitamins and vital nutrients, making it one of the healthiest choices overall.
Spearmint tea is one of the most effective ways of consuming spearmint, with a wide range of benefits to offer. 

The most essential benefit of spearmint green tea is its ability to naturally treat Hirsutism i.e abnormal hair growth in women. A scientific study published in Phytotherapy Research by Turkish researchers showed that Spearmint had androgenic properties in women with Hirsutism. Spearmint prevents abnormal hair growth in the facial and abdominal regions of women, which is caused mainly by a hormonal imbalance.

Drinking this tea reduced free testosterone (male hormones) and increased estrogen levels in hirsutism study participants. This is a healthy and natural alternative to the problem of hair growth faced by women, which can cause embarrassment at times. It is an effective alternative to expensive medical treatment involving heavy doses of harmful drugs.

Besides this, spearmint tea has been found to have strong Anti fungal properties and takes care of fungal infections. 

It also gives a boost to the Immune system. Prof. Susan Farr, from Saint Louis University School of Medicine, presented findings to suggest that antioxidants from spearmint have shown to increase learning abilities and improve memory, as well as reduced age related cognitive decline. 

The soothing effect of Spearmint has also shown to reduce fatigue and stress and is an ideal beverage to consume after an exhausting day.

Besides, it also improves conditions of arthritis and menstrual cramps, making it a super food.

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