April 10, 2015

Be Hydrated Stay Healthy !

"No Water No Life. No Blue No Green"

Water is the most crucial element that we humans need to survive. Almost 70% of the human body is made up of water, and every time you feel thirsty about 1% of this amount has been lost. We lose water as easily as we drink it.

When we exhale we lose water and when we sweat we lose both water, and other bodily salts like sodium which are crucial for our body’s healthy working. Do you know that after a workout when you check your weight and are delighted to find it fall by a kilo, it’s not fat that you've lost but water! 

Ask yourself how much water do you have on a daily basis and don’t forget to count all the teas and juices and shakes in this calculation. For your sake, we hope it’s more than 8 glasses a day or you’re in trouble for sure. 

Water is absolutely essential for the body’s working, and communications even at a cellular level. Water and these salts such as sodium and potassium are responsible for your muscle operations. This is why you end up with cramps when you exercise and don’t hydrate adequately. 

Lack of sufficient water intake may not have immediate visible effects but have consequences in the long run. 
Fatigue is one of the glaring long term effects, since due to inadequate hydration the body will not end up functioning at its usual pace and you’ll end up feeling tired throughout the day. Reduced amount of fluid and electrolytes in your body will lead to a drop in the blood volume and add strain on the heart. It’ll have to work quicker, pump faster and make an extra effort to send out essential nutrients and oxygen to the brain, muscles and other organs of the body. The inadequate oxygen supply leads to dilated veins which cause headaches, mood swings and constant irritability. 

Besides these, a few more symptoms of dehydration are dull and droopy skin, nausea, weakness and finding it difficult to concentrate. Didn't think having less water could cause such disaster did you? 

But what’s worse is that lack of enough water could lead to kidney stones which can be very painful. Minerals like calcium magnesium and sometimes uric acid concentrate easily due to lack of water to dilute and flush them and settle on the kidney or the ureter to form stones which may need to be surgically removed. 

Within 10 minutes of drinking a glass of water, metabolism shoots up by 30%, so when you don’t have water it obviously falls by a similar percentage, maybe even more. It slows down calorie burning and reduces hunger as well as energy levels.

Water is an absolute must to stay healthy and have a fatigue free, happy day. A few easy ways to incorporate more water in your daily lifestyle is to – Have more water rich fruits such as watermelon and banana.

Have more of herbal teas and other healthy beverages that are primarily made of water, Don’t be shy to add cucumbers, lettuce and other water rich vegetables to your salads!

Always Remember, Water Cycle and Life Cycle are One !!

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