May 03, 2015

All About Allergies !!

First up, lets start with what an allergy actually is. It can be technically defined as a hypersensitive immune response to foreign substances that either enter or come into contact with your body. 

When you get spots on your face due to constant itching or start sneezing endlessly, the chances are that you've had an allergic reaction to some such substance. 

The most common allergen in our country is dust. The list is a huge one though, with mites, pollen, milk, peanuts and shellfish common names. This spectrum has now been stretched to even include semen and coins! 
Talk about taking things to the next level! Now let’s catch a quick crash course on the common allergies in India. 

First we have tiny pollen particles that are produced by trees and plants and cause sneezing, headaches and irritation in your throat. Certain cosmetics that you use may also have allergens and can cause redness of the portion to which they are applied. 

Next up are the microscopic villains – the house dust mites. These little devils are present in every corner of your house and concentrated on the carpets and blankets, you could be allergic to them too. Animals carry dander, a protein that they produce which can lead to excessive sneezing and even asthma upon exhaling so keep your homes spotless! 

There’s an endless list of food products and drugs that may contain certain elements that cause allergic reactions in your body. Many of you may even be allergic to insulin or lactose intolerant. These forms of food allergies are very dangerous and can even lead to death so please head to the doctor, find out the food you’re allergic to and don’t ever eat it! 

The last of the lot is insect allergies, which are caused by the bites of dangerous insects roaming free in the wild. Such allergies must be treated immediately since some of these bites could be lethal. Now for an even quicker crash course on a few remedies, water up your nose with saline solution for elimination of any allergens that may be stuck on the inside of your nose and causing you upper respiratory allergies.

 The next one is more of a preventive measure; wash yourself well after coming home especially during the pollen season. It’ll make sure to rid you of the pollen and spare you the million sneezes. Also wash your pet so that you don’t have any dander to worry about! 

Most allergies peak during the summer season, so what better way to boost your under attack immune system than a chilled citrus drink that also beats the heat? Load a glass with a few ice cubes, orange juice and a pinch of lemon juice and enjoy your day. Red onion water is another allergy remedy since the onions contain water-soluble quercetin which is a compound that is anti-histamine and hence anti allergy! Besides these, honey is a great common home remedy for certain allergies.

A proper knowledge about allergies can save your life and loved ones as well ! Be AWARE !!

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