May 11, 2015

Power Aging

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind it doesn't matter"

One of the universal truths is that no matter what you try, you’re going to grow old. That’s something you cannot change. But what you can change is the way in which you grow old, the manner of your aging and we’re going to tell you how to age gracefully and in the right manner so that you keep your mind and body healthy and stay happy. 

Let’s look at mental health first, and no it doesn't lie in an intense game of chess, or a Sudoku puzzle, it lies on your shoe rack! Yes, put on a stylish pair of sneakers and stay on the move. Research shows that an active lifestyle reduces the impact of age related decline of the brain and aerobic exercise is the most effective in this case.

 The other way to your brain is through your food pipe, and your diet does matter! Nuts, spices, healthy fats and colored fruits and veggies that are packed with antioxidants are important for keeping the brain healthy. You also need to remember that your brain starts slowing down once your into the 30’s so you need to speed it up. Train your Brain to stay sharp and quick. Think faster, even if you don’t have a deadline! 

When it comes to your skin, your eyes are not only a doorway to your soul but also giveaway your age far too easily. Use eye care, a couple of slices of cucumber, refrigerated green tea bags, under-eye creams and other eye remedies that we’ve mentioned in our previous posts and you’ll be fine. Use a good sunblock with SPF to protect the skin from sun damage and keep it young. 

Besides this, sip on green tea or white tea and consume as many antioxidants you can to keep the skin healthy and clean for as long as possible. 

Give up on those bad habits, its about time. You’ve enjoyed them for most of your life, but its time to give them up as soon as possible if you plan on aging gracefully. You can either be the fit happy old man with unlimited stamina at joggers park, or the sick pale waiting for death. Choice is yours! 

A Mediterranean diet has shown to work wonders for aging. You need to load up on veggies and have fish at least twice a week and completely exile butter from the dinner table! 

There are number of tips to age well, and you’ll come across a hundred everyday, but remember you need to first accept your age mentally in order to age well physically. 

Don’t be in denial, its inevitable. How you do it though, is up to you.

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