May 05, 2015

Smoking Kills You and Your Loved Ones Too!!

Every time you light up a cigarette you are saying that your life isn't worth living!

You’ve probably read a million posts and pamphlets speaking about the data and science behind why you shouldn’t smoke a cigarette and what it can do to your body, and laughed at them. You’ve also not spared the sad stories and images of tar blackening the lungs in the movie theatres. Then this is also one of those boring articles you don't wanna read which tells you that you NEED to quit smoking, not for your loved ones, not for anyone else, but yourself. 

Every cigarette you smoke reduces your lifespan by 11 minutes.

It increases the risk of a heart attack from 20 to 40% in smokers.

35% more likely to get you cancer.

Even Hitler knew it better, the German led the first public anti-smoking campaign in modern times. Apple on the other hand voids the warranty of its computers when someone is smoking near them! 

Smoking has shown to reduce your bone density and make them hollow, increasing your risk for osteoporosis. Your lungs go for a toss, and may even reduce their ability to shrink and stretch which is how you breathe. Asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis are a few of the things you need to worry about too. 

Not to forget the constant fear of a flight of stairs when you see one, and the shortness of breath and tightness of the chest. Cigarettes contain about 100 cancer causing chemicals that can cause cancer of the lungs, throat, mouth, lips, stomach, larynx, bladder, pancreas and the list goes on. 

What you probably aren’t aware of is that smoking can make you go blind too. Studies have shown that smokers have increased chances of age related macular disorder, cataract and optic nerve damage, which can all lead to blindness.

For all the classy ones out there that think smoking menthol cigarettes is ‘cool’, let us add infertility to the list of health hazards these cigarettes cause. They are just as harmful, in fact even worse than usual cigarettes. 

Oh, and lets not forget pipe and cigar smokers. These people are at just as much risk as normal smokers, and in some cases even worse off since these pipes contain the same toxic tobacco and can lead to throat cancer, tongue cancer, esophageal cancer among others. 

Quit today people, it’s never too late. 69% of the smokers want to quit but don’t have the will power. No one’s going to come and do it for you, it’s a step you have to take, take control of your life before a small roll of tobacco takes all your decisions for you.

Choice is Yours BUT DON'T BE LATE!!

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