June 10, 2015

Are You Ready For Digital Detox?

"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense"

Digital Detox When was the last time you sat down without checking your phone for a good whole day, or didn’t get onto Facebook or Youtube for 24 hours? If you can’t remember when, then the answer is that you probably need to digitally detox. 

Disconnecting from the technological world may seem unthinkable to some of you guys but trust me when we say this, it’s one of the most blissful experiences you’re going to have. 

In today’s hustle bustle where everyone’s busy on their smartphones and social networking site, direct communication has been lost to us humans. 

Cousins that would have bonded with each other and played a good old game of cards and had a hearty laugh at family reunions have now been replaced with drones that sit down typing away on their phones, not acknowledging each other’s presence! 

You know what we’re talking about. It’s right there but no one wants to see it. Studies show us that today’s generation spends 168 more hours on digital media than they do in school each year. 

Astounding if you really sit and think about it. So why should you really do a digital detox? Technology has been made for our convenience hasn’t it, then why take a step back and give it up every now and then? The answer is pretty simple. To stay healthy and stay productive! 

Contrary to popular belief, human beings have been gifted the abilities of singing, dancing, drawing, painting, sitting by a river and appreciating mother nature. 

You aren’t going to be able to do that if your boss is calling you every hour and taking a report of what you’re doing or if you have deadlines to meet. If we had to be robots, we’d be born as them. But we’re human and that element needs to be maintained. 

The sickest of men with the worst conditions have shown positive results when left in Mother Nature’s arms. Detox also helps the human relationships in your life. Talk to your family, life slips by before you know it. 

A good hearty ‘uninterrupted’ conversation once a week on detox day could be just what you need to make your house a home. The easiest way to detox is lock away the electronic gadgets and go on a vacation for a week or something with the family.

 If a week’s too much, even a day of detox is brilliant. 

Try it to believe it. You know your lifestyle best and what you really need, so set your detox challenge and go out and achieve it!

"More connections to more devices means More Vulnerabilities"

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