June 26, 2015

Choose Your Cookware Wisely

Have you ever wondered that you’re spending all the money on getting those fancy veggies and meat and making sure that your diet is on point, but even then the results aren’t as good as was promised by the books? 

Are the nutrients and vitamins lacking in your cooked meals? This might be the case, since most of us are unaware of the cooking practices that might be doing us more harm than good, and wasting the hours of preparation and effort gone in the kitchen. Vegetables contain enzymes that create and destroy minerals and vitamins at the same time. Once they’ve been picked, the creation stops but the degradation of these enzymes continues. 

To save these health boosters the vegetables should be refrigerated until use, in air tight containers. Cooking and storage should be done in airtight containers only, so that oxidation is minimised and valuable nutrients aren’t lost. Besides this, you guys need to throw away the transparent pots and pans and get opaque ones, since minimum exposure to light helps retain nutrients as well. Another mistake we all make is cooking on high temperatures or long periods of time.

The longer the food is exposed to heat, and the higher the temperature, the more essential vitamins you’re saying goodbye to! These two are the most common mistakes people make and end up losing half of what they expected in terms of nutrients when they went out and bought the broccoli and mushrooms and other stuff they didn’t cook in a proper manner. Besides these mistakes, another absolute no no is cooking veggies in water. 

Water leeches almost all the nutrients from the vegetables, and then gets evaporated taking them away with it! So try and cook with as little or no water if possible. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re using water to cook, just check the colour change of the water. The nutrients and essentials are the agents causing that change.

If you’re going to cook with water anyway, and don’t want to listen to us or have no other way, at least find a way to consume that water. It’s rich in nutrients and should not go to waste! Gulp it down if you have to but make sure it goes in, because it’s only going to do you good. 

Besides these, make sure to buy your fruits and vegetables from a trusted seller, and wash them well before consumption to eliminate the dangers of harmful pesticides or chemicals going in with the food. 

 Stay healthy, stay happy!

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