June 14, 2015

Don't Panic, Just Attack!!

Don’t panic, Attack! Taking life too seriously are we? In today’s stressful lifestyles and hardcore environment, panic is something that comes to us with more ease than it should. 

Deadline approaching, not able to make arrangements on time, girlfriend issues, son’s mobile phone is switched off, and numerous other catalysts are all that it takes to get the adrenaline pumping and you’re having a panic attack, most of the times without even knowing it! 

So what is a panic attack really? It can be defined technically as a rush of physical and psychological symptoms that occur suddenly for no clear reason in most cases! Here are some of these symptoms (Don’t panic if you realize you’ve experienced them!) 

You feel overcome with fear and quite often unable to speak.

Irregular and fast heartbeats 

Sweating profusely 

Trembling of hands and legs 

Shortness of breath 

Choking sensation

Chest pain.

These are some of the most prominent features of a panic attack. 

Now that you know what they are, if by chance you do encounter such an attack, the first step you need to take is to calm yourself down and breathe. 

Slowing of your breath and easy long breaths have scientifically been proven to help with panic attacks. Take slow deep breaths in, hold and let them out with ease with just one thought in the mind – CALM. 

This mantra can help overcome the most intense panic attack, and also help you tackle whatever issue caused all this panic. You sure as hell won’t be able to solve anything with all hell breaking loose in your mind and body. So take a step back and calm yourself down.

Mind over matter guys! But don’t take these attacks lightly. If you’re experiencing them often, and they seem to last even after 20 minutes of calm thinking and breathing then maybe it would be best to visit a doctor.

If you feel sick or your chest continues to pain after an attack then you need to go visit the doc and get some professional insight just to be on the safe side.

Avoid caffeine and excess of sugar to reduce the risks of panic attacks or you could end up developing panic disorder. Besides this, make sure to have meals on time to stabilize your blood sugar levels. 

Last but not the least, listen to soulful soothing music to calm you down and try various relaxation and meditation techniques.

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