June 07, 2015

Secret To Healthy Eye Sight Lies On Your Plate

Carrots are a huge source of Vitamin A and are great for the eyes, but you've heard that a million times before. Did you know though, that besides rabbit food there are a lot of other nutrients and foods that contribute to healthy, problem free eyesight?

Let’s put down a few of these nutrients that are essentials for eye health – Vitamins C and E, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids. These if included in your daily diet, can prevent cataract (one of the most common eye ailments, where the lens of the eye gets clouded and prevents vision) and also battle age related macular degeneration (AMD), one of the most common causes for loss of eyesight in your older years. 

It’s brilliant that nature has provided us with the answers to almost every question, including those that medical science has taken years to figure out. You get all the above required nutrients in fruits and veggies that you can pick up at the nearest grocery store and while you may not know it, these natural powerhouses may contain many other nutrients that help prevent a plethora of other problems that you definitely don’t want to encounter down the line. 

Foods such as spinach and kale are must haves for good eyesight. These leafy greens prevent your eyes from sunlight, pollutants, smoke etc. They’re packed with two of the most potent antioxidants – lutein and zeaxanthin. No surprise they can Kale it!

Most people lack these two nutrients which is why they end up having eye problems especially being exposed regularly to the harsh exteriors. It’s an easy solution though, including more of spinach, kale, broccoli, collard greens should do the trick. Beef, eggs, lamb, milk, peanuts, pork, and whole grains are rich in Zinc. Bananas, chicken, dried beans, fish, liver, pork, and potatoes on the other hand are rich in Vitamin B6. These foods are other healthy add–ons that prove to be beneficial to the eyeballs. 

The main ingredient in this recipe for good eyesight remains Vitamin See. Yes, Vitamin C is the most important along with Vitamin E and is easy to find as well. Grapefruit, Brussels sprouts or a cup of strawberries a day are more than enough. This Vitamin is a top notch antioxidant and clears the lens of any extra harmful light. Besides this, 

Vitamin E is a bare essential and isn't found as easily in foods. Almonds, wheat germ oil and a handful of sunflower seeds are the key sources in this case.

Pick any one and don’t look back! 

Consider what we've mentioned and make provisions for a healthy eyesight for many years to come. You can’t for ‘see’ what’s going to happen in the future, it’s best to stay healthy and stay prepared!

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