June 04, 2015

What Kind of Vegetarian Are You?

Are you a vegetarian? And if so, then what type of vegetarian are you? Yes, there are actually different types of vegetarians, contrary to the popular belief that all those who refrain from consuming animal products are vegetarians and are at the same level. 

There are roughly 4 types of vegetarians, and we’re going to explain each one to you so that you know which group you really fit in and will find it easier to achieve your long term as well as short term objectives.

In today’s times, the benefits of a vegetarian diet have tempted many of the health conscious non vegetarians to switch over, with decreased cholesterol levels, reduced risks of heart diseases and higher life expectancy among the many benefits up for grabs! 

Another major reason is the sudden love for animals, which is more like keeping up with ongoing health trends to stay with the mob but anyway. If you’re a genuine animal lover and are against the cruelty and inhuman slaughtering of these wild ones, then it’s a great thing that you’ve turned vegetarian.

Most people pledge allegiances to animal rights organizations too. So what are these various types of vegetarians? They are – Semi Vegetarian – A non-vegetarian who’s cutting back on their meat consumption is known as a semi vegetarian. They can be divided into pollo and pesco pollo vegetarians. 

Pollo vegetarians avoid red meat and fish and eat only chicken. Pesco pollo on the other hand, love fish and chicken and only boycott red meat. Surprised as to how these people can be called ‘Vegetarians’ aren’t you?

Vegans Ovo vegetarians – While a lacto ovo diet excludes chicken, red meat and fish it includes both dairy products and eggs along with the usual fruits and vegetables. Cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, ghee, cottage cheese, scrambled egg are all allowed! 

Lacto Vegetarians – This diet excludes all forms of meat including chicken, red meat and fish as well as eggs. No boiled eggs allowed in this one buddy. However, dairy products are allowed such as cheese, cream, yoghurt etc.

Vegans – This isn’t just a diet, but a lifestyle. Only plant-based foods are consumed and red meat, fish, eggs, chicken as well as dairy products are all boycotted. Not only these food items but also goods produced from animals such as honey, wool, silk and leather are not used. So all you pseudo-vegans can stop flaunting those leather jackets please! 

Now that we’ve listed the types for you, it’s easy to place yourself in the categories above. Tell us what category you fall in and don’t hesitate to ask for any clarifications. Cheers!

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